Tavern Rats 5 – For the People We Love

What holds a family together? In this episode of Tavern Rats, Finn, Solsade, Wren, and Xoroku head to the site of the Green Moon Festival to make final preparations and discover a monumental problem. While the Broken Tusks prepare for the worst, the bonds of friendship between the scouts grows stronger, and the night before the festival a new ally returns with them to camp.

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Note: The audio quality in Tavern Rats episode 5 is lower than other episodes, as we had to rely on a backup recording after our primary recording became corrupted. Additionally, jess’ audio is, unfortunately, missing from a majority of the episode, as only parts of it were captured by the backup recording. Audio should return to normal for episode 6!

Tavern Rats is a Pathfinder Second Edition actual play podcast and is a production of the Know Direction Network. The Tavern Rats are currently playing Broken Tusk Moon, the first volume of Paizo’s Quest for the Frozen Flame Adventure Path. The network and content like this is made possible thanks to the generous donations of our patrons at patreon.com/knowdirection.

Drew Carbee as Xoroku, the winter orc barbarian

Chris Lopez as Finn, the draconic bard

Jessica Redekop as Solsade, the kirin-descended sorceress
Follow jess on Twitter or BlueSky @tectonomancer or find her at her website, https://tectonomancer.carrd.co/

Loren Sieg as Wren Thornrose of House Perdition, the Mendevian crusader

And Michelle Jones as the Game Master
Follow Michelle on Twitter or BlueSky @Aleshakills or find her at her website, https://mjonesttrpg.carrd.co/

You can also find the Tavern Rats on Twitter @TavernRats

Additional Information:
Tavern Rats character art illustrated by Derry Luttrell

Tavern Rats rat logo art illustrated by TJ Gallahan

Broken Tusk Moon, volume one of the Quest for the Frozen Flame Adventure Path, written by Ron Lundeen and Stephanie Lundeen and published by Paizo Publishing

Music used in the episode includes: Kingdom by Spectacles Wallet and Watch; Adventurers of the New Hero by Grant Newman; The Batoidea by Martin Landh; Human Nature by Francis Wells; The Proving Grounds by Dragon Tamer

Jessica Redekop