Legend Lore 62 – Norgorber

Have you heard of the King of Thieves? The Gray Master? Have you heard of… Norgorber? On this episode of Legend Lore, jess and Loren spill the t on Golarion’s god of secrets, thievery, and assassins. They explore the structure of his churches, the nature of his faith, and the followers he might attract, in addition to answering listener questions and putting on their best Norgorber voices.

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Legend Lore is hosted by Jessica Redekop (on twitter as @tectonomancer) and Loren Dovah. Audio production is done by Drew Carbee, and the Legend Lore banner illustrations of jess and Loren were created by Sita Duncan (on twitter as @sitaart). Music used in the episode includes: Trapped in the Sewers by Experia.

Jessica Redekop