PaizoCon 2020

PaizoCon Online 2020

PaizoCon 2020 was held entirely online, with the Know Direction Network partnering with Paizo to host their Twitch channel. In addition to the seminars featuring Paizo panelists, the KD Con Team conducted interviews between seminars and introduced PaizoCon every morning. These segments are collected in various Intros and Interviews compilations throughout our coverage. Finally, a pair of third party seminars were recorded and released here as well.

  1. Welcome to PaizoCon Online
  2. Kingmaker Adventure Path
  3. Pathfinder RPG Q&A
  4. Ask the Paizo GMs
  5. Intros and Interviews – Tuesday and Wednesday
  6. The Art of Paizo
  7. Organized Play
  8. Adventure Path Design
  9. Intros and Interviews – Thursday
  10. World of Golarion
  11. Advanced Players Guide
  12. Pathfinder Adventures
  13. Intros and Interviews – Friday
  14. Methods For Fast Combat Part 1
  15. Methods for Fast Combat Part 2
  16. Play By Post 101
  17. Creating a Dynamic Character
  18. Playing a Dynamic Character
  19. Closing Ceremony