Gen Con 2019

Welcome to the Know Direction podcast network’s Gen Con 2019 seminar coverage. Below you will find links to all of our Gen Con 2019 Seminar Recordings. We would also like to thank Paizo for teaming up with us to bring you these seminars.

Note: In order to release these seminars in as timely a manner as possible, our seminar coverage is only lightly edited. There may be some NSFW language, and some audio might be harder to hear than others.

  1. Paizo 2019 and Beyond
  2. Introduction to Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
  3. Making Your First Pathfinder RPG Character (Thursday)
  4. Starfinder 101
  5. Ask the Paizo GMs (Thursday)
  6. Art of Pathfinder
  7. Secrets of Golarion
  8. Setting Your Scene
  9. Starfinder RPG Rules Q&A
  10. Meet the Pathfinder Iconics
  11. Pathfinder RPG Rules Q&A
  12. Dungeon Design Dissection
  13. Evolution of Golarion
  14. Starfinder Adventure Path Q&A
  15. Auntie Lisa’s Story Hours
  16. Future of Paizo Licensing
  17. Diversity in Gaming
  18. Designing Planets
  19. Secrets of Starfinder’s Pact Worlds
  20. Pathfinder RPG Adventure Design Workshop
  21. Writing for Pathfinder
  22. Ask the Paizo GMs (Saturday)
  23. Making Your First Pathfinder RPG Character (Saturday)
  24. Pathfinder Adventure Path Q&A
  25. Writing for Starfinder
  26. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Design Philosophy
  27. Music & Ambiance
  28. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
  29. Inside the Starfinder Beginner Box

Sponsor: Know Direction would like to thank our advertising sponsor, Roll for Combat, the Pathfinder and Starfinder actual play podcast.