PaizoCon Online 2023

The Know Direction Network’s PaizoCon Online 2023 seminar coverage is shared with permission from Paizo Inc. Videos of the events are available on demand on Paizo’s YouTube channel.

PaizoCon 2023 Keynote

Exciting news and upcoming products at our annual Keynote, hosted by Erik Mona.

Pathfinder Remastered

Join the Pathfinder designers as they talk about the upcoming Pathfinder Remaster releases! Topics include an explanation of what the Remaster project is and what kinds of updates and improvements fans can expect.

Secrets of the Pact Worlds

Join the Starfinder team as they reveal new projects and behind-the-scenes talks about the Starfinder setting’s direction moving forward. Learn about upcoming adventures and get a chance to ask the developers some of your pressing questions!

News from Organized Play

The Organized Play team shares exciting news about our programs and upcoming adventures.

Primal Previews

Join the Pathfinder Rules & Lore team as they reveal the secrets of elemental power and primal realms! This panel will include previews and discussion on Pathfinder Rage of Elements and other upcoming Pathfinder releases that explore Golarion, from the Inner Sea to its wildest and most remote regions!

Ask the Paizo GMs Part 1

Get answers about the games you love from the people who make them! Paizo staff will be on hand to field your questions from the Twitch chat.

Secrets of Golarion

Learn about what’s between the covers of the Lost Omens books and what’s behind the scenes. Join some of the crew steering the world of Golarion to hear about what’s going on in the world and what’s coming. We’ll be answering as many questions as we can—but not all secrets will be revealed.

Pathfinder Adventures

Come join the Pathfinder Narrative team for a discussion about Pathfinder Adventures, be they stand-alone modules, Organized Play scenarios, or full Adventure Path campaigns! We’ll be chatting about several upcoming adventures, answering questions, and previewing some upcoming surprises—including an announcement for what we’ve got planned for the 200th Pathfinder Adventure Path volume!

Infinite Possibilities

Join Infinite Masters Dustin Knight, James Beck, Tony Saunders, and Vanessa Hoskins as they relay their experiences, offer advice, and answer questions about how to publish on Pathfinder Infinite, including where to find creator resources and collaborative creator spaces!

Self-Editing for Games Writers

Paizo’s editors share their insight on common writing pitfalls to avoid, following a style guide, using inclusive language, and other ways to strengthen your writing, whether freelancing for companies like Paizo or publishing your work on other platforms.

WizKids Interview

An interview with Mark Moreland about the process of making WizKids minis.

Build an Adventure Workshop

Learn tips and tricks to building a one-session adventure from some of Paizo’s adventure developers.

Into the Darklands

Dig deep beneath the surface of Golarion to find the wonders, dangers, and mysteries of life below. Join us for a discussion of the Darklands and how they tie into the upcoming Lost Omens Highhelm book, the Sky King’s Tomb Adventure Path, and more!

Starfinder Nuts and Bolts

Get an in-depth look at the upcoming Starfinder Enhanced book from the people who made it! Learn about the new enhanced core classes and get previews on new class content, new species, new feats, and a whole lot of new content that we just can’t wait to reveal!

Mysteries in RPGs

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? They can be great to include in roleplaying games, but sometimes, the search for clues can derail the best-laid plans of even the most talented GM. In this panel, we’ll discuss techniques on how best to present mysteries in your games, chat about our own mysterious inspirations, and maybe even shed light on some mysteries that we’ve presented but haven’t yet answered—as long as that mystery isn’t “How did Aroden die?” of course!

Ask the Paizo GMs Part 2

Get answers about the games you love from the people who make them! Paizo staff will be on hand to field your questions from the Twitch chat.