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Hell of an August continues with Paizo’s Creative Director James Jacobs and the developer in charge of Adventure Path back matter, Adam Daigle to talk about the latest AP, Hell’s Rebels.
Owen to Gencon
This episode is packed! Paizo developer Owen KC Stephens joins us at long last to talk about the Feats Reference Document from Rogue Genius Games. In the banter segment, we prepare you for the upcoming biggest days in gaming. And Ryan...
We talk with Jason Bulmagn from Paizo about the Vigilante class play-test from Ultimate Intrigue. Are dead parents required? Then we discuss Free RPG day goblins, the Occult Adventures Iconics, and answer listener questions!
Know Direction Pathfinder Podcast
Lone Wolf’s Colen McAlister joins us to discuss Hero lab and it’s new line of Adventure Path packages. Then Benjamin Loomes, creative director of Syrinscape Pty Ltd have a few big announcements to make during our news segment. All...