Monstrous Physique — Winter Soldier (SF)

Hey, there! Luis, here! Marvel is at it again with their TV shows, this time pairing up Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson aka Falcon in an action-focused show that feels like the more traditional MCU fair. Seeing as what I do here at Monstrous Physique is try to capitalize on hot trends and provide fun stat blocks relevant to all of the cool stuff going on, I figured I should take a stab at both of these two heroes. This time around, I’m presenting the Winter Soldier, the tragic soldier turned assassin. Let’s take a look!

Winter Soldier                         CR 10
XP 9,600
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +5; Senses Perception +19
HP 165; fast healing 5
EAC 23; KAC 25
Fort +12, Ref +12, Will +11
Defensive Abilities bionic arm
Speed 50 ft.
Melee slam +22 (2d10+15 bludgeoning)
Melee knife +22 (2d10+10 slashing)
Ranged assault rifle +20 (4d6+10 piercing)
Str +8, Dex +5, Con +6, Int +2, Wis +0, Cha +3
Skills Acrobatics +24, Athletics +24, Diplomacy +19, Piloting +19, Stealth +24
Languages Common
Other Abilities super soldier
Environment any
Organization solitary
Assault Rifle (Ex) Winter Soldier’s gun has a range of 100 feet and targets KAC. It has the automatic and quick reload traits.
Bionic Arm (Ex)
 Winter Soldier has a prosthesis made of vibranium that allows him to deflect most any attacks coming his way. He can align his arm like a shield, granting him a +3 shield bonus to AC. Additionally, he can use a reaction to intercept an attack and reduce incoming damage by 20. Winter Soldier can’t align his arm and attack with a weapon in that arm’s hand in the same turn; once the arm is aligned, it remains that way until the start of his next turn.
Super Soldier (Ex) 
Winter Soldier received a serum that granted him superhuman abilities. He can leap great distances. When making Athletics checks to jump, he does not need to take a 10-foot running start. In addition, the DC for his jump attempts are twice the number of feet he is attempting to jump horizontally or equal to the number of feet he is trying to jump vertically. He can also carry an amount of bulk equal to his Strength without difficulty and lift three times what a normal human could.

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes was a veteran of the second World War where he was a standout soldier. During a mission, Bucky’s squadron was captured by Hydra, an authoritarian organization bent on world domination. While imprisoned, Hydra scientists experimented on Bucky, injecting him with a specialized serum that granted him superhuman abilities. While Bucky was eventually liberated, an accident during a different mission left many to presume Bucky was dead. Instead, his new abilities allowed him to survive, only for him to end up in the hands of Hydra scientists once more. These scientist brainwashed Bucky, transforming him into a deadly assassin that followed orders without question. His skills proved invaluable and rather than just use his skills as an assassin right away, Bucky was put into hibernation, woken up only to undertake important missions. Having forgotten who he was, Bucky was granted the moniker of Winter Soldier, in part due to the need to put him “on ice” between missions. This hibernation allowed the Winter Soldier to remain a relevant operative for decades. Within the last few years, Winter Soldier faced off with Captain America and in the ensuing conflict, finally recovered his memories. Bucky has since tried to move past his life as an assassin and make up for the time he lost as the brainwashed Winter Soldier. Though he intends to move past his old life, he still retains his superhuman abilities and combat skills, making him a formidable combatant through and through.

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