ANNOUNCEMENT: Loren Sieg And Vanessa Hoskins Take Over Know Direction As Full Time Hosts


“If they can best us in mortal combat, they can have control of the network back.”


With those prescient words from guest co-host Loren Sieg to fellow guest co-host Vanessa Hoskins in the opening of Know Direction 245 – Home Game vs OP vs Actual Play, a gauntlet was throw down that set into motion a violent overthrowing of the Know Direction Network. 

Shortly thereafter, Sieg and Hoskins set their sights on Know Direction Network Director of Logistics Ryan Costello. Having both observed Costello’s performance in Super Smashfinder first hand, the co-host co-conspirators knew his tactics and exploited his weaknesses. They finished him off with an uppercut that cast him down to a pit of spikes, gaining access to the inner workings of the network in his absence. 

Sieg and Hoskins concocted an elaborate story involving bronchitis to explain how all of March passed without Costello recording any new audio or video. Posing as the late director in writing for blog posts and social media shares gave them weeks to plot against Director of Production Jefferson Jay Thacker, also known as Perram. 

Enlisting the help of Intrepid Heroes import and Know Direction board member John “Get’im” Godek, they set Perram up with a co-host in on the conspiracy. Shortly after the conclusion of Know Direction 246 – The Future of Organized Play & PaizoCon 2021, Perram’s future was cut short. X-rays showed his bones broken with force unheard of from human strikes. 

In addition to their new roles as Know Direction Podcast co-hosts, Loren Sieg will be playing Glanville Alencroft on Adventurous (in addition to continuing to play Glanville’s “niece” Lily Campbell) and is the network’s new Champion of Logistics, and Vanessa Hoskins takes over as Xavier Saveur (vowing to resolve the will they/won’t they subplot between her new character and her existing character, Idonia Stonebrook) and as the network’s Queen of Production.

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