Now You Know: What We Know About PaizoCon Online 2024

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Last week, Paizo announced not only the dates, but also some changes to the presentation of PaizoCon Online.

Usually it’s safe to assume the Know Direction audience knows about things like PaizoCon, but in the name of this year’s theme, Educate, Entertain, Inspire, here’s a brief history.

In 2008, Tim Nightengale and Liz Courts threw a convention for fellow Pathfinder enthusiasts. Being local to the Paizo headquarters, they invited the staff and creators of their favourite game to join them. Though only attended by a few dozen people, legend of the event spread and within a few years, hundreds of fans attended the now multi-day event. Eventually, Paizo took over planning the event, inviting partners to present their new licensed materials, and hosting a banquet at which they revealed new products to look forward to in the coming year.

Then the 2020s hit. The planned in-person PaizoCon 2020 was scheduled for the weekend of May 22nd of that year. For a few months, PaizoCon, like the rest of the world, was in turmoil as it wasn’t clear how serious the pandemic was. Maybe of us naively thought maybe it would all be over in time for us to travel (some of us internationally) to a crowded convention attended by hundreds. When it became clear that absolutely could not happen, PaizoCon 2020 was briefly cancelled, then moved online. Other than briefly dabbling in a hybrid convention in 2022, PaizoCon has existed fully online ever since.

I’m curious how the Educate, Entertain, Inspire theme will work at an online convention. Granted, I’ve learned plenty about the Pathfinder setting and rules, and game design and GMing from Paizo’s convention seminars. However, the blog specifically calls out “[l]earn the basics of Pathfinder and Starfinder” as a selling point of the convention. Now, between Pathfinder Remaster, Starfinder Enhanced, and the upcoming Starfinder 2e, it’s an important time for Paizo to be teaching its games to gamers old and new. However, when I hear “PaizoCon”, I think “Pathfinder and Starfinder enthusiast”, and online convention doubly so. I’m curious how Paizo plans to attract players unfamiliar with their products to their online convention to give their games a try.

Part of their plan might be the “PaizoCon @” initiative. Paizo is partnering with California’s KublaCon Game Convention that runs the same weekend for a hybrid-lite PaizoCon experience. Before PaizoCon moved to Memorial Day weekend, a dedicated contingent of California gamers came up to Seattle every year. However, those same gamers traditionally attended KublaCon on Memorial Day weekends, a gaming convention with roots that date back to the mid-90s. I know a lot of regulars at both cons who were bummed when they had to choose between KublaCon and PaizoCon. Now they don’t have to!

As usual, we will request to host the convention seminars at this year’s PaizoCon. It’s a tradition that dates back to 2009 and has helped Paizo, Know Direction, and fans connect for 15 years.

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