Monstrous Physique — Bowser (PF2E)

We are keeping things classic this week. I felt like taking a look at the various characters from the Super Mario games for this blog and decided to start with the big King of Koopas himself, Bowser. The series’ villain, Bowser, seemed like the perfect candidate for stating up. He’s a big scary lizard and I know that those always serve as great monsters. Let’s-a go and have a look at Bowser!

Bowser                            Creature 6
N, Large, Dragon
Perception +14; darkvision
Languages Common
Skills Athletics+18, Diplomacy +13, Intimidation +13, Nobility Lore +11
Str +7, Dex +1, Con +4, Int +1, Wis +0, Cha +2

AC 21; Fort +18, Ref +8, Will +11
HP 120

Speed 25 feet
Melee [one-action] jaws +17, Damage 2d12+10 piercing
Melee [one-action] claws +15 (agile), Damage 2d8+9 slashing plus Grab
Constrict [one-action] 2d6+7 bludgeoning, DC 21
Breath Weapon [two-actions] (fire, arcane, evocation); Bowser breathes a blast of flame that deals 7d6 fire damage in a 30-foot cone (DC 24 basic Reflex save). He can’t use Breath Weapon again for 1d4 rounds.
Koopa Klaw [free-action] Trigger Bowser deals damage with his Constrict. Effect He tosses the creature he has grabbed into a space within 10 feet, ending the grapple. The creature is knocked prone.
Whirling Spin [three-actions] Bowser retreats into his shell and does a dizzying spin, dealing 4d6 piercing damage to all creatures adjacent to him. Each creature must attempt a DC 21 Reflex save.
Critical Success The creature is unaffected.
Success The creature takes half damage.
Failure The creature takes full damage and is pushed back 5 feet.
Critical Failure The creature takes double damage and is pushed back 10 feet.

Bowser, also known as King Koopa, is a monstrous creature from a faraway kingdom. He is an enormous creature which resembles a lizard or dragon known as a Koopa. From his personal castle, he plans assaults against the citizens of a neighboring kingdom, the Mushroom Kingdom. On many occasions, Bowser has even kidnapped the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach Toadstool, only to have his plans foiled time and time again. Although he has failed countless times, Bowser remains a formidable creature. He is able to breath flames and throws his foes around with great ease. Rumors hold that Bowser holds within him the power to unleash a monstrous force capable of empowering him to cause great destruction, but few seem to truly believe this to be the case.

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