Gen Con 2014 Special 005: Queer as a 3-Sided Die

The diversity in gaming discussion continues, with this panel on LGBT topics in RPGs, featuring representatives from some of the biggest game companies: Steve Kenson, Jeremy Crawford, F. Wesley Schneider, Renee Knipe, Matt Conn and Philip Jones

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Ryan Costello


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  1. Arthur Santos Reply to Arthur

    I want to start this by saying I am a very strong Christian. I know that we have a bad reputation because too many of us forget it is not our place to judge but to be loving and accepting. That being said the part about the trans-gendered individual who got kicked out of the group broke my heart and brought me to tears. It’s not right people thinking this is how they should treat people. What happened to “Do unto others”? I would burn my group to the ground and be lone wolfing with the one girl before I let this happen at my table! I know that’s not easy for people and I’m not trying to place any blame with the GM who ended up in this terrible situation. I just had to rant cause it hurt me so.

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