Now You Know – March 4th to March 15th

Here is what the Know Direction Network had to offer last week:

Recap of March 4th to March 8th

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Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, March 4th


Intrepid Heroes 127 – Three Body Problem

GM Ron plays a game of Apples To Apples with a deck of PC corporeal forms and a deck of PC personas.

Tuesday, March 5th


Game Design Unboxed 84: Mischief

This was an interesting episode. Glenn Cotter took his game Fickle from inspiration to publication, got the rights back, incorporated feedback, and then took it back to publication as Mischief.


Eldritch Excursion – A Lust for Life
By Nate Wright

Nate designs a Pathfinder 2e lust eidolon, because even eidolons get Spring fever.

Wednesday, March 6th


KD300 – Thinking About Actual Play with Goblets and Gays

The cast of Goblets and Gays talks actual plays with Esther and Navaar for this landmark 300th episode of the Know Direction Podcast.


KD300 In Writing

Also available in writing!

Thursday, March 7th


Digital Divination 104 – Game Design and Development

Solid conversation comparing how the titles and responsibilities of the different roles in the production of RPGs varies by company. Light on the Starfinder content, but get industry insight.


Preview of March 11th to March 15th

Monday, March 11th


Now You Know – – March 4th to March 15th
By Ryan Costello

We March on!


Thursday, March 14th



Know Direction Beyond 82: Scoured Stars

Alex and James share their thoughts on the Scoured Stars Starfinder adventure path with a live Twitch audience.

Friday, March 15th


Upshift 030 – Renegade Con 10 News

John and I discuss the Essence20 announcements at the latest Renegade Con.


Now you know,
Ryan Costello

Ryan Costello

What started as one gamer wanting to talk about his love of a game grew into a podcast network. Ryan founded what would become the Know Direction Podcast network with Jason "Jay" Dubsky, his friend and fellow 3.5 enthusiast. They and their game group moved on to Pathfinder, and the Know Direction podcast network was born. Now married and a father, Ryan continues to serve the network as the director of logistics and co-host of Upshift podcast, dedicated to the Essence20 RPG system he writes for and helped design. You can find out more about Ryan and the history of the network in this episode of Presenting: