Investing In: Kingmaker Adventure Path Ties

“Have you heard the latest?” – Linzi, probably

“What now?” – Amiri, loudly

“Well it seems Geb has some new Blood Lords…”

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to Luck of the Harbor’s Natalie Pudim and her team for the quick funding of Warrenguard! They met their goal of $5K in only 7 hours and now they’re well beyond even the original stretch goals. Again, like all my articles and investing ins, I’m not getting paid for promotion or anything. This is truly a fun game I’ve very much enjoyed playtesting, let alone I love the found family dragon-riding focus of Warrenguard. I’m sure you will too!

I love the lore of the Age of Lost Omens, and love reflecting the larger world of Golarion. I appreciate how released paths assume certain resolutions to previous paths, especially as we’ve gotten into 2E. As Kingmaker goes on, I want to bring references to other paths, especially where it has an impact on the PCs and where they are from. This takes it out of its normal chronology but you may want to reference at least the paths that originally came out before it. I’m assuming most paths have come before it, changing the political arena and recent events (i.e. the Whispering Tyrant is free!) or will occur during it. There’s great adventure to be had, but all these events shaping Golarion inspires me and my players.

In the past I broke down where Adventure Paths took place, but now I thought I’d share how other Adventure Paths could have influenced your game or come up at some point with a focus on how to incorporate it if you played it. Most players seem to love hearing how their PCs are still shaping the world. Maybe the heroes of that path visit, want to explore, offer diplomacy, or those NPCs who were tied to them do the same! While I haven’t played all these paths, I’ve done some reading up or have heard of others doing so. Here’s some ideas you can use with primary consideration toward Kingmaker as that’s the path I’m running right now. You can have Linzi share news, add items to your Rumor chart rolls, or have the NPC leaders supporting your PCs bring the events up. And of course, perhaps some heroes of these paths simply show up as powerful people are want to do. If I craft any custom events for Kingdom turns, I’ll be sure to share!

Players you should probably avoid, and of course there are spoilers references ahead.


Rise of the Runelords

The Heroes of Sandpoint likely are spoken of in taverns, their fame the like of song. It’s possible they helped in Return of the Runelords as well. Of course you could have a featured PC visit, especially if they’ve any interest in diplomacy, aiding Brevoy, or wanting an ally against Ustalav.

Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Queen might be interested in diplomatic or trade ties, or perhaps she sends her friends the heroes as a diplomatic envoy. If not the kindest new Queen, perhaps there’s an interest in getting a stake of land there in the Stolen Lands.

Second Darkness

Those that battled demons and plunged the depths might have interest in finding what’s beneath the Stolen Lands. Perhaps they unearthed some ancient knowledge or hints to artifacts tied to the various civilizations of the area. The elves of Mierani might seek information in the elven ruins in the area or perhaps the cyphermages of Riddleport wish to study some older magic there!

Legacy of Fire

I was having trouble with this one. Perhaps elemental events that occur (especially related to the weather events) get the leaders of the Kingdom to call for assistance. The heroes of the Legacy of Fire or perhaps relations come to investigate and aid.

Council of Thieves

It’s certainly possible the heroes who sought to free Westcrown are interested in keeping free areas free. While many groups that came from these paths might have ties to leadership or influence that could be used for diplomacy, this is also another group that could be spoken of in tavern song. Maybe they also visit wishing to bring some order to what they heard was a chaotic frontier. 

Serpent’s Skull

Having survived the jungles and ancient ruins of the Mwangi Expanse, the heroes of Serpent’s Skull might be eager for new adventures. There’s much uncharted wilderness to be seen. You could tie concerns in the darklands with these heroes to those from Second Darkness as well. 

Carrion Crown

With Ustalav west of the Stolen Lands, I’m taking special inspiration from the paths that happen there. I imagine the heroes of Carrion Crown have taken up arms to help since the release of the Whispering Tyrant in Tyrant’s Grasp. Having a few die because of the undead’s march might be good as well. They may be especially interested in Pharasman ruins in the Stolen Lands.

Jade Regent

The key here might be Ameiko. She’s the leader of Minkai after all. Perhaps she’s funding trade, knows individuals who are in the area, or her allies from Rise of the Runelords or Jade Regent are exploring/informing her. We know she goes to the Radiant Festival during Agents of Edgewatch with trade and diplomacy in mind, so it makes sense here.

Skull & Shackles

Honestly I doubt any pirates, pirate lords, pirate captains, etc. care about the Stolen Lands. The Lake of Mists and Veils, north of Numeria and Brevoy, is said to have its own set of pirates so maybe if there’s a connection to any of the PCs created in Skull & Shackles there could be something. I find this is overall a challenge to tie in.

Shattered Star

These heroes also figure into Return of the Runelords. Maybe they’ve found some additional details, artifacts, or references in Guiltspur tied to extraplanar dangers in the Stolen Lands. Certainly any Runelords studies might reference ruins in the area as well. I’ve a PC in my game who is Varisian. That player also ran Rise of the Runelords for us. So there’s certainly Thassilonian details I’m pulling for usage like related Sihedron artifacts and sin magic.

Reign of Winter

Like Curse of the Crimson Throne, perhaps the new Queen of Irrisen seeks a diplomatic envoy. Amiri is heavily featured in Kingmaker and she’s from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. You might have undertakings related to her personal quest – which I won’t call out – have come to the attention of the heroes of this path. If your players at higher level go visiting certain nations, this also seems a likely one.

Wrath of the Righteous

The Worldwound is even closer than Irrisen or the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Perhaps those truly epic heroes are looking for allies to the east of Ustalav while they form a border to the north. Perhaps they’re investigating demonic activity or their allies are doing so. Recall there’s some demonic opportunity tied to the kobolds for example. They might also want to help establish a bastion of light in the region, a beacon of hope in a land of danger. An ally against the next great enemy – the Whispering Tyrant – seems right there as well.

Mummy’s Mask

Mummy’s Mask is another hard path to tie in. Osirion is quite far away, and that level of trade seems difficult. If the heroes of your run through particularly enjoyed exploration of ancient ruins, maybe they might come through the Stolen Lands.

Iron Gods

Numeria is north of the Stolen Lands and that’s where two NPCs are from: Octavia and Regongar. I’m having the outcomes of Iron Gods heavily play into my game, especially with a PC coming from the area. The Technic League has fallen but is not gone with undercover operatives still active. Klarkosh of the Emerald Spire, Furkas Xoud, and Ozmyn Ziadow all have varied interests in the Stolen Lands and the people therein. There’s existing rules for Kingdom diplomatic envoys and Numeria is certainly a possibility.


To the west of Ustalav is the Hold of Belkzen, so no doubt the leaders there will seek assistance with the war they’re already fighting due to the Tyrant’s Grasp. The heroes of this path seem the perfect NPCs to feature for whatever diplomatic envoy or meeting. A war with the undead could indeed happens, so an alignment of leaders will be required.

Hell’s Rebels

Kintargo’s a ways away, but finding allies amongst the lawless of the Stolen Lands seems plausible. The Firebrands have a presence in Kintargo and a growing one in Numeria, so they’ll of course spread down into the Stolen Lands. It’s possible they want to ensure the new leaders of the area will oppose tyranny and oppression.

Hell’s Vengeance

If the “heroes” of Hell’s Vengeance are staying dedicated to Cheliax and its ideals, it’s possible they venture into the Stolen Lands to give Cheliax a presence or some dominion of an area there. If your leaders in Kingmaker are on the tyrannical or treacherous side, perhaps there could be some links between the two groups. Also you could have any opposed to the PCs flee to the Stolen Lands, creating some PC vs PC challenges that your group can enjoy.

Strange Aeons

My group ran through Strange Aeons, though we halted due to the pandemic. Once we started to resume, Pathfinder2E was available so we moved forward anew with a custom campaign – that I’m drawing from – until Kingmaker 2E was released. I’ve actually had Winter, a cleric of Pharasma, appear and tied one of the NPCs, Dovan, at the Stag Lord Fort’s to the campaign as well. Dovan is from Ustalav. Winter came looking for the statue of Desna from the asylum, which Dovan escaped from. You could also have the Strange Aeons heroes come to investigate some of the cult activity or other mysteries in the Stolen Lands. They could well be looking for allies against the Whispering Tyrant as well.

Ironfang Invasion

One of the PCs for our Kingmaker game was a hobgoblin. I say was as he has died (RIP Zugrum). Ironfang directly influences our Kingmaker due to Zurgrum’s origin there. Use of the Stone Road and the development of the new nation Oprak gives ample opportunity for discussions of trade, diplomacy, or exploration for the Stolen Lands.

Ruins of Azlant

While this adventure path happens far to the west, it’s easy to have Azlanti and more likely Thasilonian ties in the Stolen Lands. We know members of the former Technic League have interest in magic and artifacts in the area based on comments above for Iron Gods. Thus maybe the same heroes come exploring or are introduced through the Pathfinder Society.

War for the Crown

Taldor is to the south of the Stolen Lands, with Galt in between the River Kingdoms and Taldor. That nation comes up often due its historic attempts to settle / take the Stolen Lands. Various individuals have come from Taldor as well. Perhaps the Princess Eutropia is seeking new allies, a competitor has interest in taking the lands, or the heroes that aided the Princess come for diplomacy, trade, northern security, or further exploration.

Return of the Runelords

Rise of the Runelords and Shattered Star heroes play a part in Return of the Runelords. They along with the new heroes could have interest in the Stolen Lands and their new kingdom due to the Whispering Tyrant threat to the west, Thasilonian ruins / magic / artifacts, or because other nefarious threats from certain regions may make a power play there. I’m having the two “returned” runelords Sorshen and Belimarius have vested interests in the area for trade, diplomacy, and reasons related to the previous ruins / magic / artifacts. The heroes of Return might want to build a stronghold to protect the region and perhaps Sorshen wants to help fund it. You could have Belimarius make a deal with certain factions (like in Numeria) so she has easier influence in teh area.

Tyrant’s Grasp

As previously noted, the Whispering Tyrant’s threat to Ustalav and the Stolen Lands western border makes for a lot of opportunity with other paths’ heroes or featured NPCs. There will come a time when the operatives of the Whispering Way infiltrate the kingdom the PCs are building. Perhaps an army of undead will march east and Ustalav will come to aid. Perhaps the Tyrant wants the Stolen Lands for a reason of magic. Of course should your kingdom’s leaders be pro-undead or particularly nasty, maybe allyship is a possibility. You can also have common folk fleeing Ustalav into the Stolen Lands, especially Pitax or areas on the western side. These individuals might encourage the kingdom’s leaders to new vigilance to rebuilding peace in the area. At high levels, a challenge taken direct to the Whispering Tyrant could be powerfully mythic tale of bravery and sacrifice. Any PCs from the area may be seeking redemption, salvation, or revenge as well.

Age of Ashes

After saving Breachhill, Isger, the world, the Heroes from Age of Ashes are likely eager to maintain minimal worship of Dahak and the influence of dangerous dragons. Some of them exist in the Stolen Lands with other dangerous allies, so that could easily draw their attention. The heroes are likely also spoken of in song at taverns and may have become fixtures of a religious movement, especially if there are any Apsu ties.

Extinction Curse

It truly depends how Extinction Curse ends to determine some connections. Do the heroes seek out other links to Azlanti ruins or magic? Do they pursue more Darklands events? Do they stay in the area of Absalom and aid pathfinder activities, diplomacy, or other magical research? Any of those could bring them to the Stolen Lands. Their deeds are legendary to some but overall unrelated to Kingmaker.

Agents of Edgewatch

Similar to Extinction Curse, these heroics are likely best save for news or possible research and diplomacy activities.

Abomination Vaults

Like Agents of Edgewatch, maybe there’s news of such or possibly ties to Absalom’s research or political arenas.

Fists of the Ruby Phoenix

Character interested in martial arts, tournaments, or Tian Xia may have heard of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament and its champions. Otherwise, I would not expect interactions. If there is trade somehow to areas of Tian Xia, this news should travel.

Strength of Thousands

Here I’d recommend having students possibly seen in the path visiting the Stolen Lands to learn more about the primal, arcane, and even occult energies there. The heroes of your game may have interest in studies themselves, especially if they’ve become professors. There’s ancient and strange mysteries and technologies to find in the Stolen Lands. Any with a Numerian interest could possibly visit. They may also wish to preserve the land and its people, its culture. The Mwangi know the pain of “explorers discovering” what they have had for hundreds of years. 

Quest for the Frozen Flame

As Amiri is from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, you can create some interactions or knowledge with NPCs or the PCs of the path. There may be opportunity for diplomacy or aid in handling Ustalav if you want to feature the undead threat. Well informed religious individuals likely know of events here.

Outlaws of Alkenstar

While a ways away, Alkenstar can have news ramifications that find their way to the Stolen Lands after its further developed. The Firebrands might carry these notes, and you should definitely feature such if you have a Firebrand PC in Kingmaker. There’s a powerful network to leverage with that organization, especially as Brevoy faces rebellious tendencies.

Blood Lords

Geb is also far away. Perhaps diplomacy through Absalom arises if you are considering leveraging the undead threat of Ustalav. The people of Geb predominantly wouldn’t want to be associated with the uncivilized (mindless?) undead and do not wish to be in the crosshairs of a new crusade. Geb might also see the Stolen Lands as a source of ancient magics to handle the rising threat of Nex.


This path takes place partially in the Sevenarches within the River Kingdoms, predominantly southwest of the Stolen Lands. Any public news should reach the kingdom’s leadership, especially any druids. Any PCs with ties to Desna could learn of information due to the dreams. The demon or occult activity could attract attention from heroes opposed to such whether PCs of this path or the Worldwound or any of the Ustalav paths (like Strange Aeons). Perhaps a larger organization of the PCs from various paths is forming for greater allyship. If so, I suggest definitely positioning the Whispering Tyrant as a large antagonist. I certainly am.

Stolen Fate

Those active or well tied to Absalom might learn of these events. If you’ve anyone focused on Harrow then you might have them specifically learn or divine some information through their practice. Or the heroes of the path might seek out a PC in Kingmaker who is drawing attention for their Harrowing adventures!

Sky King’s Tomb

Highhelm isn’t terribly far away, being southwest of the River Kingdoms with Kyonin/Galt in between. News of the adventure here should reach the new leadership of the Stolen Lands or already be known. Any dwarves are likely to have particular interest in events there. Any villains who get away perhaps run to the Stolen Lands to try and hide!

Season of Ghosts

Season of Ghosts is just ending but I’d be remiss not to mention it. Willowshore is also in Tian Xia but again, any ties to that country could result in news coming to the Stolen Lands. Occultists might have interest in the activities or learn through the Pathfinder Society of events there.

I hope these snippets and ideas can be of help to you as you consider ramifications of these paths for your Kingmaker or other Golarion-based games. I heavily encourage you to invest in the larger lore and story of the Age of Lost Omens! If you come up with any, or have written in any details for your campaigns based on previous paths, please share with me as I’d love to hear what you’ve crafted. And soon, we shall ready for the wide-reaching implications of the War of Immortals materials and the outcome of The Godrains Prophecies. Set your clocks to learn more on April 16th!

Investing In:

I wasn’t quite sure what to name my article series when I first started but the idea of showcasing or discussing things that make me excited, that I find new and interesting, or maybe I’m otherwise passionate about seemed to fit with the idea of Investing In something like the Pathfinder 2E mechanic. To use some magic items you have to give that little bit of yourself, which helps make these things even better. I like the metaphor of the community growing and being strengthened in the same way!

I also want to hear what you’re Investing In! Leave me a comment below about what games, modules, systems, products, people, live streams, etc you enjoy! You can also hit me up on social media as silentinfinity. I want to hear what excites you and what you’re passionate about. There’s so much wonderful content, people, groups (I could go on) in this community of ours that the more we invest in and share, the better it becomes!


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