Legend Lore 58 – A New Perspective

On this very special episode of Legend Lore, jess is joined by Drew Carbee, audio producer and cast member of the new Tavern Rats podcast. They discuss how they got into gaming, other AP podcasts, and what inspires them about their favourite GMs. Drew also answers listener questions from his perspective as a new PF2 player.

Listen Now! (mp3)

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This episode of Legend Lore was hosted by Jessica Redekop (on twitter as @tectonomancer) and Legend Lore audio producer Drew Carbee.

The Legend Lore banner illustrations of jess and Loren were created by Sita Duncan (on twitter as @sitaart), and Solsade and Xoroku’s character illustrations are by Derry Luttrell (on twitter as @Derryzumi)

Jessica Redekop