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Pathfinder’s greatest value to Paizo has long been as an intellectual property. Sure, the game’s system started as an extension of a no longer supported version of another fantasy RPG. But it’s the world, the stories, and the ideas still untapped that elevate to beyond how to stab a monster. Just look at how many ways Paizo and other companies adapted Rise of the Runelords.

Conversely, I’d say one of the weaknesses of Pathfinder as a brand is the name. With Nissan manufacturing their Pathfinder line of SUVs for the entire life of the game and counting, it’s destined to be the second most popular result without add RPG or -Nissan to searches. Not only that, but when the 1st edition came out, a long delayed Viking movie with the same name finally saw release. It’s a footnote in the game’s history, but also the reason I own that movie on DVD. Haven’t watched it yet. Apparently it stars Karl Urban!

And yet, a recent crop of Pathfinder licensed products run the gamut of how they use the brand.

There’s BKOM’s upcoming Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors roguelite, which takes its name from one of the setting’s most notorious megadungeons and features a villain worthy of multiple Adventure Paths. It’s a precursor to their upcoming Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults – Hack & Slash ARPG.

Similarly, the latest batch of Pathfinder and Starfinder comics from Dynamite make full use of not just the world of Pathfinder, but the characters, giving the iconics the most development they’ve received anywhere.

Moving away from the setting, the Pathfinder rules are a major selling point of The Ultimate Game Master’s The Ultimate Game Master Screen Kickstarter. I’ve wanted a customizable GM Screen for a long time, and getting to swap in the ruleset based on the game I’m GMing really appeals to me.

Finally (unless I’m missing something feels like there’s been a lot of Pathfinder partnerships lately), there’s FanRoll Dice’s Pathfinder RPG dice and accessories. Despite what I said about the value of the Pathfinder name, it’s basically what makes these dice and dice trays Pathfinder dice and dice trays. And the goblin head in the Mega d20. I definitely need to get that goblin headed Mega d20.

Network Update

You may have heard rumours of more Know Direction Network content coming. You may wonder what Jessica means when she gives Tavern Rats as one of her credits during the introduction of Legend Lore. We can now announce that next week sees the debut of a new original Pathfinder 2e actual play podcast: Tavern Rats.

Loren spearheaded this venture. She cast network members Jessica Redekop as a fellow player and Michelle Jones as the GM. She also brought in Chris Lopez and Drew Carbee as players. Drew is also producing the episodes, as well as Legend Lore. Is a passionate team of Pathfinder enthusiasts bringing their knowledge and love of the game and its setting to the network.

Tavern Rats debuts next Tuesday.

On the flipside, some network content will be on temporary hiatus starting this week. John Godek, host and producer of Intrepid Heroes, Presenting – Gamers Making Games, and Know Direction: Beyond will be having surgery tomorrow. His network participation will have to wait until he’s back in podcasting shape. Here’s hoping that for a quick and painless surgery and recovery, for his sake as well as the network’s.

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