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Every week, Now You Know recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, previews the Know Direction content of the week to come, as the director of operations, Ryan Costello, shares his thoughts on the state of the network.

For all I do on the network, every year, my one favourite contribution is the April’s Fools gag. Whether it’s something I put together only days before or an idea I cook up for months, my ability to amuse myself knows no bounds. Even for the accompanying graphic, I rise to the occasion.  I’m a lousy graphic designer whose Photoshop skills are generously described as ironic. And yet, the KD April Fool’s Day banners aren’t just acceptable, something they’re actually good.

Unlike most years, I asked the staff to vet this year’s April 1st post. Not only do April Fool’s jokes now risk living on as misinformation if the joke fails to reveal itself, but edition wars tensions reared its head again in the last few years. The January 2023 OGL debacle managed to galvanize D&D 5e and Pathfinder 2e players for the first time in years, and I wanted to celebrate that with a joke both sides could appreciate. And yet, I worried the humour of my post would come off as gatekeeping or divisive, the opposite of what I was going for.

The original version was riskier in that regard, but staff feedback help me find a less spicy version that was as if not more funny.

Network Update

Oh, did you think we were done bringing content back?

Today sees the return of Intrepid Heroes, the Know Direction Network’s Starfinder actual play of the Devastation Ark adventure path. As one of our most reliable releases since John brought it over to the Know Direction Network three years ago (in fact, we just passed the anniversary), it’s been weird not having a new Intrepid Heroes to listen to every few weeks.

Now it’s back, and the podcast schedule feels stronger than ever.

Speaking of the Know Direction Network content, here are the articles and podcasts that released last week:

Recap of March 27th to March 31st

What happened last week on and

Monday, March 27th


Now You Know – Our Blogs
By Ryan Costello

I looked back on the network’s history of blogging, and posted our modest blog schedule.

Wednesday, March 29th


Presenting – Nicolas Logue

Nic Logue is a treasure trove of knowledge about the early days of Pathfinder, a consummate performer, and someone who’s passionate about both.

Thursday, March 30th


Legend Lore 051 – 5e Character Conversion

If you had any doubt about the depths of Loren and Jessica’s knowledge of Pathfinder 2e options, give this episode a listen and be amazed.


Investing In: Firebrands for Your Game
By Rob Pontious

More love for the Firebrands!

Friday, March 31st


Upshift 014 – Essence20 On Foundry

Upshift’s first interview, in which Jason and I get a primer on the fan effort to bring Essence20 to the Foundry Virtual Table Top.

Saturday, April 1st


Paizo Publishes New Pathfinder 2e “You’re Welcome” Edition

No, YOU’RE welcome.

Preview of April 3rd to April 7th

Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, April 3rd


Intrepid Heroes 104 – And We’re Back

See, they’re back!


Now You Know – For The LOLs
By Ryan Costello

Heh, good one.

Tuesday, April 4th


Game Design Unboxed 60: Word Wipeout

Danielle talks with Joe Barron about Word Wipeout, a fun spelling game with a Scattergories twist.

Wednesday, April 5th


Know Direction 286: The Impossible Lands

Venture into the Impossible Lands with the Know Direction podcast.

In this review of the recent Lost Omens Hardcover, Esther and Navaar look at the many Ancestries and regions this book has to offer, and compare how Paizo handled regions outside of the Inner Sea Region in the past to how they’ve done so since the launch of second edition.

Early access currently available to Know Direction Familiars


Thursday, April 6th


Digital Divination 80

John and Jason talk Starfinder.


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Ryan Costello

What started as one gamer wanting to talk about his love of a game grew into a podcast network. Ryan founded what would become the Know Direction Podcast network with Jason "Jay" Dubsky, his friend and fellow 3.5 enthusiast. They and their game group moved on to Pathfinder, and the Know Direction podcast network was born. Now married and a father, Ryan continues to serve the network as the director of logistics and co-host of Upshift podcast, dedicated to the Essence20 RPG system he writes for and helped design. You can find out more about Ryan and the history of the network in this episode of Presenting: