Investing In: Order of the Amber Die’s Abomination Arsenal

“The essence of a roleplaying game is that it is a group, cooperative experience.” – Gary Gygax

And what a group, what an experience Order of the Amber Die is!

First a content warning: Abomination Arsenal does feature all gunslingers so guns will be a topic of discussion. While I can’t change firearm policy, I can note we approach the topic with respect as does Order of the Amber Die. A theme in a fantasy ttrpg should not be taken into the real world but sometimes it does help to bring a modern issue into the fantasy world. Of course, we encourage a session 0 and safety tools with your group!

You may recall, you may know that I’m a member of Order of the Amber Die! Yes, way back in the innocent days of 2019 I guessed blogged about the honor I had visiting and then joining Order of the Amber Die! Let me tell you, I’ve got Gom Gom ready to go with the release of the kineticist this year! I’m quite excited that Yoon’s back as she was the iconic I got to play during a bit of fun when I met Order folks. Right now, however, the Order’s been busy with The Abomination Arsenal, their playthrough of the Abomination Vaults! I had wanted to get some details from those playing – as I’m but a spectator for this marathon – back at the new year but personal events kept that from happening. 

Well today I’ve got more information, more news hot off part 2’s release on the Paizo blog and their playthrough of part 3 during the weekend of April 14th! If you aren’t watching twitter for those hot maps then you’re missing out like the one above! Order members were kind enough to answer my questions so we could get more details on why all gunslingers, background of their characters, and info from some of the newer members (so amazing!). You’ll find some hints of things to come as well as details not yet revealed!

“This game is a lifestyle for us.” – Adam, GM

Rob: Adam, let’s start with the most obvious: what made you want to do an all gunslinger game?

Adam: Ok Rob, you wanted to ask the big question, so it’s got a long answer! After thirty-six years and over 150 published adventures now, we’ve seen a lot, and certainly enough to have learned many times over what has become an OAD mantra: There are few absolutes in this game. What can sometimes be frustrating for us, is when we are vetting a new member or when we sit down at a table at a gaming convention and we hear, “We need a cleric.” There is always my personal favorite, “We need a balanced party.” No, actually, you don’t need any one class or a balanced party to be successful, and we’ve experienced plenty of evidence to prove it. In fact, it would be a weak game if either of those things were true. One of the main reasons we made an all-gunslingers party was to leave behind a record of evidence for the community, proving that any party can be successful. We knew that attempting this would put a ton of pressure on us, because balanced or not, any party can fail and we have. Rob, you know we love pressure as much as we love to push the envelope; sometimes that means going on location, playing insane hours, or even assembling a grossly unbalanced party.

Rob: Pushing the limits indeed.

Adam: The funny thing is, no one was allowed to play a gunslinger in those thirty-six years, and we’ve never had a single gun in any campaign — until now. In fact, in all our previous projects with Paizo we’ve played the iconic characters at every opportunity. Now we had OAD making its own characters for the first time in a Paizo project, so you knew we were gonna get crazy. Besides, we like to offer something new with our projects, and since so many groups have already publicly delved the Abomination Vaults, this would offer a fresh approach for the community. We actually chose the Vaults in particular, because a dungeon is a fairly standard unit of adventure for a game with too many variables to attempt a completely accurate experiment. Additionally, with so many groups having played Abomination Vaults already, playing an all-gunslinger party would allow for even more of a party-by-party comparison than some of the less popular Adventure Paths.

Adam: As for the elephant in the room, playing an all-gunslinger party at a time when guns are in the news every day? I could say that we’ve had this project on the docket for years, but simply put, this game is a lifestyle for us. We’ve never shied away from using the game to help us interpret our world. Heck, we played The Slithering during the height of the pandemic with some critical care nurses at our table. So, if the classroom teachers in OAD who’ve seen their share are finding something cathartic through the fantasy use of firearms from Pathfinder’s Guns & Gears, then maybe we really are playing the greatest game in the world.

Rob: Thanks Adam. I think that’s important to note and I’ll be certain to put a content warning for those in need. I know we discussed possibly doing the all Gunslinger for Return of the Runelords. Thoughts on if they ever release it with 2E rules?  What other path are you eager to play, especially if they release a 2E version of it?

Adam: That’s right, as far back as 2019 we had the idea for trying an all-gunslinger party to go shoot up some Runelords. We don’t like to repeat themes too much with our projects, so I can safely say that we don’t have any plans to assemble an all-gunslinger party for any version of Return of the Runelords in the future. However, I still want to play that AP – and about a dozen others. If it comes around for 2E, we’ll have our eye on it. As for other paths that we’re eager to play, especially 1E, I’d have to put Mummy’s Mask or Legacy of Fire among the top. We’re still sharp as ever with 1E, and if people want to see us carry the torch and showcase an old AP in 1E rules, we’d be down. 

Rob: I’ve played both Mummy’s and Legacy and enjoyed both! Let me ask then what other “Oops all <class>” or perhaps archetype have you desired to see played?

Adam: Around the fire pit after a long marathon, you’ll hear the stories of some of our previous adventuring parties. Our group of all-fighters, named Legion Mettle, was the first party in OAD history to plant the flag of epic level 21st. Our party of all bards, a band with different instruments, had its shortcomings but we absolutely trashed certain encounters we came across. I’m not as interested in seeing any more parties of the same class right now, instead I think I’m more interested in seeing a party with the same ancestry instead. Did I just give away our next project?

Rob: Oh there’s a lot of opportunity there and so many ancestries to choose from! Undead? Automaton? Anadi? Maybe a versatile heritage like dhampir! I do appreciate the characterization no matter what the class or ancestry and the Abomination Arsenal has plenty too. You noted the Black Powder Cadre’s symbol is the harmona bird and how each character wears blue to represent it.  But which character is the most fabulous and fashionable?

Adam: Props to Matt, our Player Captain, for the deep dive into Pathfinder lore to find the harmona bird. Next, props to the whole team for bringing these characters to life and embracing not only the theme – different shades of blue and the bird – but also taking it to the next level. This group of players worked harder than usual to make their characters stand out because they were all playing the same class, and it shows at the table. As for your question, I’m going to take the teacher answer here and say that ALL the characters of the Black Powder Cadre are fashionable and fabulous. Around the table you’ll see: Vlai smoking his cigar, Breen’s fancy pistols, Mazatl’s dungeon ghillie suit, Maloika in a full goblin mask, Zoric with his hand-painted harmona gun, Lady Sniper’s sleek outfit, and Tess’s pirate hat from the Shackles. It’s a great-looking group!

Rob: I think that’s a very fine answer. Fashion is always changing and truly there’s a lot to enjoy with such a group! But if I can turn the attention back to you, those maps are always ridiculous! You put such care and style into them, let alone the reaction from players. Your maps draw attention from all! Which has been your favorite thus far?

Adam: Thanks Rob! There’s just something about drawing a map by hand that gets me really inspired to GM, it can even be a map that actually leads me to run a certain module. When it comes to my favorites over the years, dungeons often rank high. I just like walking the halls for days before my players ever set foot in it. Once you hand-draw a map, you’ll know it like your own home! Speaking of dungeons, I just drew a dungeon level that is now one of my favorites. It’s level five of the Vaults: Arena. I’ll toss you a pic from our next Paizo blog report, so I guess that makes this an official teaser, enjoy! Oh, and the one that resides at Paizo HQ – an asylum – is up among my favorites too. 

Rob: Oh yeah, mine as well! You inspired me to draw up the entirety of the asylum for Strange Aeons after all. Thanks for all the guidance! Now Karee, welcome to the Order after reaching your 100 hours during the first part of the Arsenal! Can’t wait to join you at the table as a fellow Order member! You partook of The Slithering Salve as the pandemic challenged how we play. From then to now, what’s different for you at the table?

“I was convinced Breen was dead and it would have been my first character death…” – Karee

Karee: Hi, Rob. I look forward to gaming with you at OAD as well. Things have changed dramatically since playing in The Slithering Salve. With the pandemic in full force, we were all very cautious as we made our way to Fort Rannick in NJ and played masked to keep each other safe. In addition, it was my first time playing with OAD. I walked in as an avid fan. I was in awe of the complicated sets and immersive play experience. I tried my best to help in any way I could and felt privileged to be able to game in such a great environment. Since that time, I’ve become a full member of the Order, having played in 5 marathons to date. While I still feel lucky to be able to game in such a great environment, I’ve grown comfortable with the people and the culture of OAD. I’ve become the official scribe and treasurer for our group and take turns running the initiative board with Erick. I provide backup to Sean in the kitchen as well as keeping the group supplied with cookies.

Rob: Let’s be honest, you’ve long supplied this group with sustenance and those cookies are always amazing. Critical Hit Cookies is a nat 20 every time. The Amber Die is jealous it doesn’t get to eat them. I’m sure! And I’m so thrilled you’re loving every minute of it. What’s been your favorite moment thus far after being a dedicated fan and supporter to a member now? And thank you for all those rations, er cookies! I don’t know how we’d get through a marathon without you!

Karee: Being an Order member has been a great ride to date and I expect it to continue to be so. My favorite moment out of game was when I finished my 100 hours to become a full Order member. My favorite moment in game was during the last marathon when we fought a Bearded Devil and I was dropped by him. I was convinced Breen was dead and it would have been my first character death, but the group rallied and beat him and I made my saving throw to avoid dying at the literal last possible moment.

Rob: The more I hear about this bearded devil, the more worried I am of what the next level of the vault has in store. Or maybe I need to introduce my party to a bearded devil. Hmm. Can you tell us more about Breen than we’ve gotten thus far in the updates?

Karee: Breen Danaan grew up in Alkenstar with a gunslinger mother and a doctor father. Her father disappeared and is presumed dead, with rumors surfacing that he had fallen victim to fleshwarping. In an attempt to be closer to him, Breen vigorously studied her father’s books and taught herself medicine. After her mother passed, Breen tried to make a living using her mom’s guns and met up with V’lai, leader of the Black Powder Cadre. She adopted the group as her new family and those doctoring skills have come in handy now as she struggles to keep her new family alive as they deal with the horrors of the Gauntlight. It seems like she spends half of her time healing people and the other half shooting creatures. She’s a friendly redhead but can be fiery at times while wielding her silver handed pistols. Breen tends to be the levelheaded member of the group and is considered trustworthy enough to be trusted with the group’s funds. In a group of thieves and miscreants, that’s a useful quality.

Rob: I’d say so! Who else can you trust your treasure and loot with than the one you also trust your life with? It’s not easy keeping these PCs alive. Thanks Karee, really appreciate the background. Matt, I’d love more insight. What’s different about being a Player Captain to an all Gunslinger game?

“…you have to have a completely unselfish group of players or it won’t work.” – Matt, Player Captain

Matt: Being Player Captain is actually – at least theoretically – fantastic, in terms of oversight. Everyone playing the same class means I can simply laser focus right down on one class, and one class only primarily. It was really fun to dig deep into all the different gunslinger ways, all the different gunslinger archetypes, and all the different guns themselves. We wanted to use as many of all of the above as possible. That’s not to say it hasn’t been difficult or challenging.

Rob: How so, what’s been the greatest challenge of planning to survive the Vaults?

Matt: As Player Captain—and also just from my many decades of gaming and due to my personality too—I am always trying to think of contingencies and unorthodox or unusual encounters. I’m not so much worried about your standard 80% of encounters; those will come and go, for the most part. I’m worried about the 10-20% of encounters that can really trip you up, or give you trouble. Playing an entire party – sometimes 7-8 PCs at a time! – of all gunslingers is an extreme. And when you play an extreme party like that, you will get some extreme results. For example, in the Abomination Vaults, the Black Powder Cadre has had plenty of encounters that were of a routine, or average, difficulty—like you would expect with any group. We’ve also had far more than I’d like of encounters that kicked our teeth in! Fewer in number, but extremely memorable, were the encounters that we absolutely decimated. The graveyard mowing down zombies and skeletons at range across a no man’s land, where the enemy never even got to hit us, is something I will always remember.

Matt: I’m always on the lookout for the curveballs though. What’s it going to be that really trips up a party of all gunslingers? Is it incorporeal? Oozes? Devils? What else? So far, we have definitely struggled the most with incorporeal undead and devils in Abomination Vaults. 

Rob: Never trust a devil, let alone one with a beard I say! Action economy with reloading is pretty key for gunslingers as is the cost of alchemical needs. What advice would you give other players of gunslingers?

Matt: Cost and money was an issue right away. At times in the past in OAD, we have implemented a treasure pooling system, where we pool all our money, and spend it on the best item available that we can afford. This is an absolutely fantastic system – we’ve done every method you can imagine of treasure distribution amongst PCs, and this is by far the most deliberate and effective, but you have to have a completely unselfish group of players or it won’t work. People have to be ok with waiting their turn to get items and enhancements.

Rob: That’s difficult in any party, let alone one where it’s tied to their ability to fight!

Matt: We actually had to pool money right away to make sure everyone could even have a firearm and some ammo! We were dead broke for a long while, and almost every gold piece would go back into ammo or healing potions. Not much healing magic going on in a group of gunslingers obviously.

Rob: And Karee, I mean Breen can’t fix them all I’m sure.

Matt: Another thing we did was have every single player take the Munitions Crafter feat at 1st level or as soon as possible thereafter. Was that overkill? Maybe. But we wouldn’t know for sure until we actually played, and I’ll be damned if I was going to let the party TPK because we ran out of ammo. I wanted to eliminate that possibility as best we could.

Matt: As for action economy? I could go on and on about how absolutely, horrifically brutal that is for gunslingers. But words can’t do it justice. When you only get one attack on round 2, and you shoot and miss, or you see another PC shoot and miss? It is beyond devastating. Risky Reload has been crucial, and really the only thing that has allowed us to semi-reliably sneak in some extra attacks. Running Reload has also been a nice recent addition in terms of gaining actions too though not attacks. I have said over and over to everyone at the table: I’ve never seen a group more in need of haste than the Black Powder Cadre!

Rob: That’s a great point. You feel that miss even more and who better to understand than a whole group of gunslingers. I see a lot of negative things over Pathfinder2E haste but I feel it’s still a game changer for any melee or ranged combatant! Some of those fights are pivotal after all. We just heard about the dangerous wood golem the cadre fought! What did you learn and what’s the plan to handle it now?

Matt: We learned that a wood golem can kick the Cadre’s ass! Seriously, we learned that we had a hard time dealing damage to it, as well as even hitting it. Simultaneously, the wooden beast seemed to have no problem hitting us, and dealing prodigious damage to boot.  What’s the plan now? Leveling up doesn’t hurt! We were 3rd level when he had to tuck tail and run. Now, most of us are 5th level, which was a huge boost: gaining a level and master proficiency was like adding +3 to our BAB for the old school players. Also, obviously, fire—alchemist’s fire and anything else we can get our hands on.

Rob: Flaming bullets, flaming guns, flaming anything. Yeah agreed there! Hope that wood golem has enjoyed its time.  Plans to find it or leave it alone?

Matt: Oh, we’ll pay a visit to Mr. Wood-Face again. You can count on it. Vlai is looking forward to splintering his wooden body to pieces with his dwarven scattergun, burning it, and dancing on the ashes. Which reminds me, there’s a shadow on level two we owe some payback to…

Rob: Oh no, I’m afraid to ask so I’ll leave it as a tease for next time! Thanks Matt, and now I want to make sure to welcome Theodora to the Order! Tell us more about you if you would be so kind.

“Should I mention that her flirting usually occurs when she’s covered in blood after returning from the Abomination Vaults?” – Theodora

Theodora: Hey, Rob! So I started floating around the OAD studio about two years ago, and Adam introduced the group to me. I was already a pretty serious completionist gamer – platinum in God of War, thank you – and they gave me a chance to be there for The Slithering Salve. It has been far from what I expected – there’s gamers, then there’s professional gamers – but I can’t get enough of how fun and immersive it’s been. These marathons are absolutely ridiculous!

Rob: That’s truly great to hear considering we read about your career. I’m very thankful for that as I’m sure many are.

Theodora: Back in reality, I am a night shift ICU nurse. Talk about the vampire life! I worked full time and traveled during the pandemic and can safely say that I’ve cared for thousands of Covid patients at this point. I actually met our GM about ten minutes after receiving my second Covid vaccine. Maybe it was the required fifteen minutes but who’s counting? I also have a seven-year-old daughter who makes appearances behind the GM screen to roll the Amber Die, and feeds too many treats to the OAD mascot, Gambit. Her name is also Theodora, and outside of the game we’re usually fighting over space in the kitchen to cook up a Greek dish for Adam and the Order. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree there!

Rob: Ah so the Amber Die has found another I see! It’s power is legendary. Well I’m glad Sean’s getting so much help in the kitchen now. This is great, and again thank you. As you said you started playing with the Order during The Slithering Salve, while the pandemic impacted many lives as it still does today.  What did playing with the group mean to you?

Theodora: True, I joined in as the group was navigating how to pull off in-person play during the second year of a pandemic. If you’re familiar with The Slithering, it has plenty of things like quarantine and social distancing that we were going through in the outside world. Everyone there wanted to have fun, create a great product, but be safe. I can appreciate how the Order incorporated – albeit sometimes not planned – the unpredictability and unsettling vibes of current events into the gameplay. Adam makes it look easy for sure!

Rob: That he does! I was impressed and envious and loved reading of your adventures. Now you’re spotlighting the NPC Tess during the Abomination Vaults.  Tell us more about her and how you chose to portray her, though let’s be careful of spoilers though certainly teases are happening!

Theodora: Oh, Tess. I think if Matt was going to help create a character build that was closest to her actual player, he hit the nail on the head with Tess! She’s as undiplomatic as a doorknob and often resorts to flirting or yelling to get her way. Should I mention that her flirting usually occurs when she’s covered in blood after returning from the Abomination Vaults? Her aggressiveness often has her prematurely kicking in doors and firing shots. With that she’s often – at times naively – trusting of her companions to be right behind her to help add to the lead storm cloud. Despite her bullish nature, she’s made friends with the mayor and worked hard to mend ties she’s broken with some offensive statements she’s made in the early parts of the game. Tess is also a big fan of maps and lore, which has proven to be profitable to the cadre during her appearances in the path. 

Rob: <laughing> That is amazing. I enjoy that kind of character and it sounds like a ton of fun to play. Nice to see the growth she’s experienced as well and I bet the lore does come in handy. Those later levels are sure to benefit from Tess’ knowledge! Thanks Theodora. There’s another member I know was working on their schooling in the same field and I’ve some questions for you, Erick! Congratulations on all your career aspirations and thank you for working in healthcare during this pandemic!  We are so lucky to have your aid.  How did Pathfinder and the Order impact you during this time?

“With the d20 though, I’ll make any character look good…” – Erick

Erick: For the most part, Covid and my job working in the ICU did not affect my play in the Order up until the most recent marathons. I had a few struggles switching from night shift to day shift in order to play during the day with everyone else. Just switching from nights to days is usually hard enough, and consists of taking short naps to transition back. To make matters worse, I would usually come in just before a session or during nighttime pre-marathon preparations, which would keep us up until a few hours before the start of a long marathon. While others are naturally day shift and come into a marathon full sleep, I’m usually the worst off with a combination of low sleep plus the transition from night to day. The first day is always rough!

Rob: That it is but with what I’ve seen of your real life work ethic and your amazing characterization there’s no doubt you pulled it off. I was sad to see during part 1 we lost Rome and then worse yet, the party had to fight his zombie form in the graveyard.  How did you feel during this encounter?  Were you playing an NPC during that time?

Erick: Losing Rome sucked! I had invested a lot into a detailed backstory, with a great accent and attitude that really made Rome a fun character to play. On top of that, losing him in the manner I did – seemingly a dozen rounds of stabilization checks – was a slow, painful death. Seeing the party then shoot up his corpse afterwards was a light slap in the face, but I don’t blame them. Hell, at that point I was playing Mazatl and put a couple of holes in my former character too. Character death is something we all go through at one point, but I can say that this was a unique way to say goodbye to a character!

Rob: I bet! What do you think Rome feels of the group’s progress thus far?

Erick: Rome was all about creating competition for Alkenstar when it came to firearms on Golarion, even if he had to eventually work as an arms dealer. The fact that we’re embedding ourselves into Otari and setting up shop is a great way to do that. I think Rome would be proud. 

Rob: Ah that’s cool and good to hear. You certainly get to see things to fruition still. Now that the spellshot Mazatl has joined, tells us more about them!  Sounds like it was an epic shot on that dang bearded devil!

Erick: Yeah, it was a pretty epic shot! We wanted to see what we could do with various types of gunslingers, so at least this was an opportunity to see Way of the Spellshot. Mazatl has not been one of my strongest characters statwise, but part of what makes him decent is the persistent elemental damage. This would be better if his enemies had a weakness he could exploit with his elemental ammunition, but so far it hasn’t often been the case in the Vaults. This makes Mazatl’s damage somewhat weaker compared to other classes, especially when melee characters rely on strength damage to increase average dps. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with a firearm, so it’s up to the dice to really put the damage out. Honestly, I just feel better with a d8 rather than a d10, and my rolls have been average or slightly less so with the d10. With the d20 though, I’ll make any character look good, as the devil found out. I’m hoping Mazatl pans out more at higher levels, and in the meantime I’m doing what I can!

Rob: Yeah and sounds like you really saved the day too. I’m sure over time you’ll see those plans pay off as elemental and other weaknesses come up more at higher level. Thanks Erick, you take care of Mazatl! And Sean, our dear and hard-working castellan, providing both set decoration and hearty meals, you bring it OOC and IC! Tell us more about Maloika the Miserable!

“A small sign outside will welcome visitors: Home of the Blue Coat Adventurers.” – Sean, Castellan

Sean: Maloika carries the moniker “miserable,” but in truth he is quite a likable and loved little fellow! He is always there to lend a hand or ear to all. Maloika truly is by far the luckiest and smartest in this town of longshanks. He’s also garnered an excellent reputation in the area: Hero of Otari, Royal Babysitter, Slayer of the Damned, Gifted Entrepreneur, Champion of the People, Relic Hunter, and Paragon of Virtue. Lastly, Maloika is known for carrying great stories, books, and treasures from bygone millennia. Not bad for a goblin making his way in the world, eh? 

Rob: Not bad at all! That sounds like an epic set of titles! I’m sure he’ll have stories recorded of him then! What made you choose a goblin and the way of the sniper?  Were you eager to wear the goblin mask?

Sean: In our past projects, I’ve played unconventional roles such as a locathah and even a lizardfolk. When we assembled this party of gunslingers, I was offered the opportunity to play a special role as the smallest character with the largest gun. All Matt had to say was there was a goblin involved! Erick and I decided to play the size thing up even more when the 6ft 7in, 330lb Rome was teamed up with the 38-in, 35lb Maloika for the Sniping Duo archetype.

Rob: Classic big small combo, love it!

Sean: The goblin mask is awesome! I’m all about immersion, so after the fish mask from The Azlant Odyssey and the lizard mask from The Slithering Salve, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on another one. The goblin mask is way better quality than the others, so sometimes I wear that thing even when we’re just hanging outside on the patio.

Rob: I’ll have to showcase that (see below). Gotta love the post-game destress fires outside! I did want to ask before we finish up our questions, Maloika’s Mercantile has a nice ring to it.  Legitimate business or working cover front?  Both?

Sean: Really, I get to spill Maloika’s business plan!? 

Rob: Really really!

Sean: First, the mayor, as special thanks for our support, granted Maloika land on which to do what he may. Originally, this property was known as the ruins of the Thirsty Alpaca seen on old maps of Otari. Maloika gave it some thought, and a world-class store and museum was born! Then something else occurred with the current market owner, Keleeno Lathenar, also Maloika’s best friend. The owner was so incredibly grateful for the goblin’s efforts to avenge Keleeno’s murdered wife, that as he prepared to take his leave of the town forever, he gave Maloika the Otari market and all associated chattel effectively 20% off items in game for now. As a teaser for the next report, the goblin has since decided to name the establishment Ayla’s Oddities and Collectibles – an homage to Keleeno’s wife. Inside the new store will be a subsidiary, Maloika’s Membrane Modifications, where he will personally offer exquisite body art and even magical tattoos. A small sign outside will welcome visitors: Home of the Blue Coat Adventurers. Merchants, tourists, even nobility will come far and wide to discover wonders and dark secrets that have been brought to the light! Whaddya think?

Rob: That’s amazing! I love the homage to Ayla and how Maloika is developing a true business as their adventures develop. The small sign outside is sweet. You’ve basically set up the final shot if this was a movie. I really appreciate getting details like this as I know so much roleplaying happens at these sessions. Truly, thank you all for answering these questions and sharing with the Know Direction readers.

I am so truly thankful the team took time for me and the article here. Order of the Amber Die helped me have an amazing Strange Aeons game and then truly opened up my world in 2019, helping me have the best Gen Con ever! From there I got involved with Know Direction and Roll for Combat, and more. These amazing folks have such great stories to share.

A big thanks to everyone for their time and giving us a deeper look at these wondrous marathons and characters! Adam, Karee, Matt, Theodora, Erick, and Sean: thank you! Adam and I were talking once ahead of a marathon and he brought up the fact that with planning around life events, the length of campaigns, and the options of adventures/adventure paths there’s only so many you can get in if it takes a few years to finish. Marathons help but not everyone can do what Order of the Amber Die does. So I encourage you to invest in the games you’ll enjoy and the people you’re with for the best group, cooperative experience. And of course, take some time and invest in Order of the Amber Die!

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Investing In:

I wasn’t quite sure what to name my article series when I first started but the idea of showcasing or discussing things that make me excited, that I find new and interesting, or maybe I’m otherwise passionate about seemed to fit with the idea of Investing In something like the Pathfinder 2E mechanic. To use some magic items you have to give that little bit of yourself, which helps make these things even better. I like the metaphor of the community growing and being strengthened in the same way!

I also want to hear what you’re Investing In! Leave me a comment below about what games, modules, systems, products, people, live streams, etc you enjoy! You can also hit me up on social media as silentinfinity. I want to hear what excites you and what you’re passionate about. There’s so much wonderful content, people, groups (I could go on) in this community of ours that the more we invest in and share, the better it becomes!


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