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Every week, Now You Know recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, previews the Know Direction content of the week to come, and shares the thoughts on the state of the network from the director of operations, Ryan Costello.

Last Thursday, Perram officially announced the end of his tenure with the Know Direction Network. He’s been a member in some capacity since Know Direction 10, released may 15th, 2010. If we call tonight’s episode his last day, he was with the network for 12 years and 1 day.

I’m not exactly sure how tonight’s episode will go, but I expect it to be nostalgic and emotional. Good emotions, even if they’ll be a bit mixed. The Know Direction Network is a tool to elevate its members, giving a platform from which staff contributes to the community, ideally building a reputation and fanbase that can be parlayed into greater opportunities. Perram by far gave more to the community than any other staff member for the least personal gain. I absolutely understand his decision to leave and hold no ill will towards him for doing so. That doesn’t mean I’m not sad to see him go.

I’m especially going to miss him on Adventurous. For all the time we’ve known each other, we rarely gamed together until we launched Adventurous. Getting to share a long term campaign with him, where we got to play out a different dynamic, was one of the many highlights of that experience. We have a few more episodes of the Lost Maid of Anactoria sessions, which means Perram’s voice will still be heard on the Network for another month or so, and then… that’ll be it.

If you can’t make it to tonight’s recording but you want to let Perram know what he’s meant to you, the best place is probably as a reply to this Tweet, or in the comments on this Facebook post.

Which brings us to the recap of the Know Direction Network content that came from last week:

Recap of May 9th to 13th

What happened last week on and

Monday, May 9th


Valiant Episode 34: In Which They’re Stymied By a Door

Being a GM who watched helpless as the party debated what to do about a door for half an hour hasn’t stopped me from debating doors for 30 minutes as a player, but it helped me sympathize with Luis this session.


Now You Know – When It’s Time To Change Characters
By Ryan Costello

I recently changed characters in Vee’s Abomination Vaults campaign, and everyone’s better for it.

Tuesday, May 10th


Young and Adventurous 005 – The S-Word Is Shambling Mound

I’ve talked a lot in the past about how it’s best to ignore my tone and focus on my words, and this episode captures why. I remember this combat fondly, and thought I dealt with my bad luck playfully. Listening back, I was surprised by how annoyed I sounded after a couple of unsuccessful turns. Which is a shame, because my inadvertent tone may have undermined what I thought was one of my most clever Adventurous moments after the combat.


Fox’s Cunning — Summon Dex: Undead (Book of the Dead Update)
By Dustin Knight

It’s a pattern: new Pathfinder 2e hardcover comes out with summoning options, Dustin updates the Summon-Dex. Of course, just because it’s predictable doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing resource.

Wednesday, May 11th


The Making of Starfinder Drift Crisis – Know Direction: Beyond LIVE!

More Drift Crisis coverage, now with Paizo Senior Developer John Compton.


Presenting – James Beck

I love learning more about the new crop of influencers that came around after the release of the new edition. Even at Pathfinder 1e’s most popular, we didn’t have people like James Beck and Deadly D8 writing original songs about mechanical deep cuts and then animating them.

Thursday, May 12th


Legend Lore 043 — Witch

Luis and Loren were more critical about this class than I’m used to from their Class Features, but they raised valid points. They clearly came from a perspective of knowing the witch has greater potential than the mechanics brought to life.


Investing In: Avatar Legends the Roleplaying Game
By Rob Pontious

I’ve talked a bit about how I never got around to watching Avatar, but then my daughter watched it on her own. I absorbed too much to ever be able to watch it fresh like it’s the first time, without watching it closely enough to feel like I know or experienced Avatar. While I regret that, I admire and am jealous of the fanbase, who seem like one of the most positive groups out there. And, based on Rob’s review, I’m glad they’ve got a roleplaying game worthy of their love coming their way.

New Paths, New Passions
By Jefferson Jay Thacker

Perram reflects on the Pathfinder community when he first started podcasting, and how his love for it inspired him to give back to it so much, before announcing that he’s leaving Know Direction to pursue his new passion.

Friday, May 13th


KD: Beyonderer 004

Alex and Dustin talk about Paizo’s Alex Speidel visiting the White House, what they expect to be announced at PaizoCon (now 12 days away!), and more.


Know Direction: Beyond 69 – The Making of Starfinder Drift Crisis

Oh! Lost in the mix of the last few weeks of changes is Dustin joining Know Direction: Beyond as co-host and producer.  Congratulations, Dustin!

Preview of May 16th to 20th

Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, May 16th


Know Direction 276 Live – Farewell Perram

Perram and I join Luis and Vanessa to celebrate the end of one era and the official beginning of a new one.


Intrepid Heroes 086

I… I have no idea what to expect from this episode.


Now You Know – Know Direction Without Perram
By Ryan Costello

Miss you already, buddy.

Tips of the Hat
By the Know Direction Staff

Members of the Know Direction staff thank Perram for all he’s done to them.

Tuesday, May 17th


Eldritch Excursion
By Nate Wright

Nate Wright’s journal of flavour and mechanics.

Wednesday, May 18th


Know Direction 276 – Farewell Perram

I might need to edit this one, I don’t know if Vee will be up for living through this episode twice.

Game Design Unboxed 37: The Night Cage

Danielle speaks with Christopher Ryan Chan, one of the co-designers and the illustrator of the Night Cage published by Smirk & Dagger Games.

Thursday, May 19th


Digital Divination 57

John and Ron talk Starfinder.

Friday, May 20th


Monstrous Physique
By Luis Loza

Luis makes monsters.


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