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Every This week, Now You Know recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, previews the Know Direction content of the week to come, and shares the thoughts on the state of the network from the director of operations, Ryan Costello staffer, Randal Meyer.

Hello! Randal here, filling in for Ryan this week. My life and schedule are currently such that I haven’t been able to commit to a weekly (or even bi-weekly) blog, which sadly means that I haven’t been able to contribute content to Know Direction as much as I would like. When Ryan asked for a volunteer I jumped at the chance to help out, especially when it involves looking at everything we put out last week and have on deck for next week. We have an amazing group of writers and podcasters, and it is a treat to hear from them. So, I settled in for a quick read and review … and then my wife asked me when I was going to turn off my laptop and go to bed.

Logically, I know how much stuff we release, but due to my busy schedule I had completely forgotten what it was like to sit and consume it all in one go. It felt like binging a favorite show. I was engrossed, and lost to the passage of time. I was visiting with friends, old and new, and getting caught up on the latest, news, reviews, and adventures. I had not realized how far behind I had fallen in my listening and reading (please don’t tell Ryan). The news about Battlezoo has me really excited to see how they shake up the Pathfinder space in the future. I focus on Pathfinder in my gaming and writing, and it was nice to hear some Starfinder in action. Reading Ryan’s GM piece and Nate’s Eldritch Excursion got my brain gears turning again, and have me really itching to get back to Marathis’ Cradle to see where I left off and what else I can explore.

I can only hope that you feel the same way when you consume our content and, in that vein, I would like to welcome you to a new year at our home. Come in, take off your jackets, grab your favorite blog or podcast, and enjoy as long as you like. Then, grab one you may not have tried yet, and give it a spin- you will not be disappointed. After, hop onto our Discord server and let us know what you think! Just don’t leave the door unlocked, we have a problem with Aroden stealing all our good snacks.

Recap of January 10th to 14th

Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, January 10th


Intrepid Heroes 077 – Intruder Alert!

An alien creature has laid a trap for our heroes and boarded their vessel!

Mark Seifter Leads new Publishing Initiative: Joins Roll for Combat as Director of Game Design

Wha-wha-wha-what!!?!?! Battlezoo products are so hot they need a Director to keep them from burning our hands! This is such an interesting and exciting development, and I am looking forward to seeing the future of Battlezoo.


Now You Know – The Schedule Shuffle
By Ryan Costello

Ryan gives us a wonderful breakdown of the new KD schedule, but alas, leaves us without new lyrics for Harlem Shuffle.

Tuesday, January 11th


Know Direction 267 – Monsters of Myth Breakdown

This is the stream that never ends … wait, wrong song, sorry. Luis and Vanessa join Perram as the new cohosts of the Know Direction Podcast!!! The new team got their bearings before doing a review breakdown of Lost Omens: Monsters of Myth.


Eldritch Excursion – Mindscape Migration
By Nate Wright

Nate dreams of a way to explore mindscapes for combat, nightmares, and (presumably because this is an RPG) profit, including of a new ritual.

Wednesday, January 12th


Game Design Unboxed 28: CULTivate

Danielle speaks with Austin Foss (Pops) and Jenna Radtke (Bejou) otherwise known as part of the Pops & Bejou team and the designers of CULTivate.


Behind The Screens – What Is A Game Master
By Ryan Costello

Part 1 of Ryan’s new ‘Game Master’ series sets the stage for a new wave of GMs, be it Pathfinder, Starfinder, or Essence20.

Thursday, January 13th


Digital Divination 47

Ron and John talk about kicking off a new high level Starfinder adventure, as well as the delightful Marrying Mr. Darcy board game!

Preview of January 17th to January 21st

Block 2 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, January 17th


Valiant Episode 28

The Valiant heroes continue exploring the Temple of the Whisperer.


Now You Know – Randal Recaps
By Ryan Costello Randal Meyer

Hey, it’s me! It’s this article!

Tuesday, January 18th


Fox’s Cunning
By Dustin Knight

Dustin offers expert insight and helpful tools to enhance your game.

Wednesday, January 19th


Presenting – Rigby Bendele

John Godek chats with Rigby Bendele, freelance author and regional organized play coordinator for Virginia.


Know Direction: Beyond

Alex, James, and Vanessa cover the latest Starfinder content in the Know Direction Network’s Starfinder news, reviews, and interviews podcast.

Thursday, January 20th


Investing In
By Rob Pontious

Rob shares what he loves about the RPGs he’s been playing lately, and why you should check them out.

Friday, January 21st


Know Direction: Beyond

We’ll announce the topic once our guest confirms.

Randal Meyer

As a lover of crunch (rules and numbers), Randal is always tinkering with rules options. His love of magic users has led him to always fuss with the mechanics of magic and magic items. Years of GMing on the fly have given him endless ideas and content from which to draw on for adventures (ideas, plots, NPCs). When not working, gaming, or playing with his kids, Randal is likely working on improving Sage (his Discord bot for immersive play-by-post gaming that you can see in action on Know Direction's Discord in the Know Direction Societous PFS channels) over at!