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Now You Know recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, previews the Know Direction content of the week to come, and shares the thoughts on the state of the network of the director of logistics, Ryan Costello.

I don’t like podfading.

When a podcast starts to show signs of slowing to a stop, I think it’s better to channel the last energy the cast can muster into a finale, and end on a high note. Too many podcast I listened to, and even a few podcasts on the network, faded out and eventually disappeared unceremoniously. A recent network podcast I feared this happened to was Adventurous. I may have been uncharacteristically pessimistic about the future of the Know Direction Network’s original actual play podcast.

Adventurous launched on  April 20th, 2018. The world looked different. Pathfinder 2e’s wouldn’t be announced for another four months. Crystal Frasier worked at Paizo developing Adventure Paths. A 1e Adventure Path run by Crystal didn’t just make sense, it was a huge boon for the network. Now, it’s an AP from an old edition, Crystal’s moved on to Green Ronin, and writing comics like Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms. The majority of the rest of the cast plays more 2e than 1e. As much as Adventurous launched on the shoulders of coincidences working in our favour, circumstances got in the way of the smooth continuation of the series.

About a month ago, when it seemed like we’d moved on enough from the worst of the circumstances to at least talk about Adventurous, I asked if everyone wanted to record a farewell episode. I didn’t think the cast had any fuel left in their Adventurous tank. To my surprise, Vanessa Hoskins expressed interest in continuing the show. Most of the cast followed suit. Crystal admitted she needed to step away from the show, but said she would love to see us continue the series. I’ll miss playing with Crystal, without a doubt the best GM I’ve ever had, but it’s absolutely the right call for her.

So, in the coming weeks, the remaining Adventurous cast will discuss the future of the show. Expect changes beyond just a new GM. A different system, a new story, new characters, all on the table. Once we know where we’re going with Adventurous, we’ll let you all know.

Speaking of Know Direction Network content, here’s a recap of the network content from last week at the Know Direction Network:

Recap of November 22nd to 26th

What happened last week on and

Monday, November 22nd


Now You Know – They Changed What “It” Was
By Ryan Costello

I admitted that I didn’t know a lot of the popular culture released that week.

Tuesday, November 23rd


Legend Lore 036 — Building What Paizo Won’t

Luis and Loren look at gaps in what Paizo puts out and dream of the content and products they’d love to see.


Fox’s Cunning – Where There’s Smoke, There’s Preparation
By Dustin Knight

Hey, remember when Dustin set fire to your Pathfinder 2e games? Now he tells you how to put that fire out.

Wednesday, November 24th


Presenting – Tan “Shao” Han

Shao ended up being a different kind of guest, explaining the gaming scene in Singapore, and how he uses RPGs as teaching tools.


Behind The Screens – Dealing With An Overbearing PC
By Ryan Costello

Accidentally suggested by Dustin after misunderstanding the title of the previous Behind The Screens, I cover dealing with overbearing PCs. It’s foundational advice, which I should remember to write about from time to time. So often I take advice I hear and deconstruct it to point out the damaging potential of universally applying it, I should remember that oversimplified advice spreads because new GMs need direction. So if you’re new to GMing, hopefully this Behind The Screens helps with a common situation.

Thursday, November 25th


Citipati Osmolskae – Prehistoric Turkey Stats For Pathfinder 2e
By Ryan Costello

With most of the staff taking the rest of the week off for American Thanksgiving (or, as they call it, “our Thanksgiving, in November for some reason”), I did a little research into turkeys. Dire animals aren’t a thing in Pathfinder 2e, so I researched turkey ancestors and found this 10 ft long prehistoric turkey.

Although prehistoric isn’t accurate, since our prehistoric creatures still roam Golarion. If this was for a Paizo product, I’d have spent as much time researching how Pathfinder 2e describes such animals as I did designing the thing. Since this was a freebie for funsies, hopefully you can forgive me for cutting that corner.

Preview of November 29th to December 3rd

Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, November 29th


Now You Know – Adventurous Update
By Ryan Costello

I chose to update y’all on Adventurous’ status instead of spending the whole editorial space saying “wait, December? That’s this week?”

Tuesday, November 30th


Digital Divination 044 – Intrepid Heroes

The crew from Intrepid Heroes join John and Ron to talk Starfinder and their longrunning actual play of the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path.


Eldritch Excursion
By Nate Wright

Nate Wright’s journal of flavour and mechanics.

Wednesday, December 1st


Know Direction 264 Live – Absalom Breakdown with Erik Mona

Perram and I breakdown all 400+ pages of the latest Lost Omens hardcover, with Paizo’s Chief Creative Officer, as well as Absalom, City of Lost Omens Development Lead, Editing Lead, and, frankly, its champion, Erik Mona.


Game Design Unboxed 25: Medium

Danielle speaks with Danielle Deley and Nathan Thornton about co-designing Medium in their spare time before deciding to get the game published.


More Lore
By Scott D Young

Scott D Young’s deep dive into the minutia of Golarion lore.

Thursday, December 2nd


Know Direction 264 – Absalom Breakdown with Erik Mona

This might be premature, but I think I’m almost willing to admit this book exists maybe.


Something Creates
By Andrew Sturtevant

Andrew Sturtevant creates Starfinder content, and shares insight into his decisions and his struggles along the way.

Friday, December 3rd


Intrepid Heroes 74

An actual play podcast of the Starfinder Adventure Path Dawn of Flame from Paizo.


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