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I consider myself  well-versed in popular culture. However, I have my blind spots. Books. Anime. Triple A video games. So it’s been wild watching reactions over the last week to three major adaptations.

Amazon Prime released Wheel of Time. Netflix released Cowboy Bebop and Arcane. All three interest me, but I’m going into them with zero expectations.

As a fan of fantasy and someone who feels guilty that I don’t read more, Wheel of Time’s been on my radar, but with 20 books that each push 1000 words, I knew I’d never get around to it. What’s funny is, if you ask me anything about Wheel of Time beyond the title and author, all I know meta about the writing and release of the series. That it’s too long, the pace slowed with every successive book, and Robert Jordan’s choice to release a prequel instead of a conclusion late in the series upset fans. Before the show released, I couldn’t tell you anything about the premise, or even name a character or concept.

Now, I could be considered a Wheel of Time scholar compared to what I know Cowboy Bebop. I could pick a Cowboy Bebop poster out of a lineup, but not much more than that. At Perram’s recommendation, I watched the trailer. That’s when I realized how much of the pop culture I consume that it influenced. My interest increased, but I’d still basically be going into it blind.

As for Arcane, I hadn’t heard anything about it until the series showed up on Netflix. Funny enough, even though I had to Google League of Legends to confirm it was a video game, the League of Legends subtitle increased my curiosity about the series. As a title, Arcane could be anything. And Netflix’s tendency to release original series suspiciously similar to popular series, combined with Arcane releasing the same week as Wheel of Time, I had my suspicions. It being licensed tells me it’s been in development at least a certain amount of time, making the release alongside Wheel of Time a coincidence.

These three properties may not have much in common, but they combined on my social media in a weird way. I’m out of the loop. I can only observe, having no opinions on any of the three properties that the most active geeky voices on my wall keep talking about. I know I referenced Abraham Simpson’s famous quote about getting old and losing touch, but that’s not entirely what’s happening here. The youngest of the three properties, League of Legends, debuted 12 years ago. It’s not like I missed out on the new YA hotness that took the younger world by storm. These properties mean a lot to a lot of my generation, but somehow mean nothing to me.

I intend to watch Wheel of Time, Cowboy Bebop, and Arcane. I’m two episodes into Wheel of Time. It’s a little too soon to form an opinion, but I like it enough that I can’t relate to the most heated reactions I’ve seen. Which don’t seem to be the universal reaction. I’m not sure which series I’ll jump to next. With Wheel of Time releasing weekly after these initial three episodes released as the premiere, I’ll be caught up soon. Even with the first two episodes of Hawkeye out Wednesday, I’ll have plenty of time between new episodes to fit in Cowboy Bebop and Arcane.

If you have strong, spoiler free feelings about which of the two I should try first, let me know. However, I suspect even if I enjoy any or all of them, I’m only getting a fraction of the experience, having so little other experience with all three to compare it to.

I can’t wait to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife this week so I can participate in some pop culture conversation online.

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Danielle, being a talented game designer, illustrator, and savvy when it comes to game publishing, speaks to a kindred spirit in Ryan Laukat, a game designer, illustrator, and co-owner of Red Raven Games. I’m not current on board games anymore, so I hadn’t heard of Sleeping Gods, but the way it’s described as tabletop Breath of the Wild makes me want to track it down.


More Lore – Fleeing the Tyrant
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To me, The Whispering Tyrant’s return to Golarion in 2e meant a new major villain in the world. However, Scott found another angle worthy of campaigns and character backgrounds: the refugees of the fallen nation of Lastwall trying to find a new place in the world.

Thursday, November 18th


Know Direction 263 – Know Questions

We answered listener questions about such topics as the name of the show, our musical bumpers, a Know Direction staff Squid Game, our favourite polyhedrals, and more.


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A Mystic connection, specifically. For the Time Being!

Friday, November 19th


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Monday, November 22nd


Now You Know – They Changed What “It” Was
By Ryan Costello

This isn’t like when I didn’t know anything about The Eternals, because no one knew anything about The Eternals.

Tuesday, November 23rd


Legend Lore 036

Luis and Loren talk Pathfinder 2e.


Fox’s Cunning – Where There’s Smoke, There’s Preparation
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Following up on Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire Rules, Dustin offers rules for fighting fires.

Wednesday, November 24th


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The Know Direction Network’s positively geeky podcast.


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John Godek talks with Tan Shao Han, the founder and lead designer of Curious Chimeras games.


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By Ryan Costello

Not to be mistaken for last time’s Dealing With A Marshall PC, about making misfit PCs fit. At the recommendation of Dustin Knight, who thought I was referring to the 2e Marshal archetype’s reputation for being overpowered, this week I cover taking some spotlight away from PCs who hog the spotlight.

Thursday, November 25th


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Our Valiant heroes continue to explore the Temple of the Whisperer.


Friday, November 26th


Geek Together

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