The Gods of Valiant

Hey, there. Luis here! Last week we wrapped up the character previews for Valiant by meeting Jessica Redekop’s character, Xiadani. This week, I’m taking some time to look at a few of the deities I created for Valiant. One of them is quite evil and the other absolutely good. These two gods represent two of the larger themes that you’ll see in Valiant: colonialism and benevolent righteousness. While these are not the only deities I’ve created, these are the first two that I want to show off for now. In particular, I want to share them because you’ll get to meet some of their followers pretty early on. In fact, Sarna and Xiadani are both worshippers of Pahti Couatl, so she might be part of the story for a while. As for the other deity, Torme the Wandering, lets just say that there are some no-good ruffians that the party encounters in an early episode that are fans of the Claimer of the Unclaimed. These two deities have their full stat blocks, so feel free to import them into your game if they seem like they would be good fit. I’d love to hear about more Pahtians or Tormens in other games!

Speaking of episodes, the first episode of Valiant is upon us! The first episode will be going up next Thursday, September 17th! Look forward to it. From there, a new episode of Valiant will be releasing every other week. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the previews so far and I look forward to hearing your reactions to the first episode!

Pahti Couatl

Healer of Souls
Areas of Concern retribution, investigation, and rehabilitation
Alignment LG (LG, LN, NG, CG)
Divine Font harm or heal
Divine Ability Strength or Wisdom
Divine Skill Survival
Domains Destruction, Healing, Truth, Zeal
Alternate Domains Confidence, Duty, Knowledge
Cleric Spells 1st: true strike, 3rd: hypercognition, 6th: disintegrate
Edicts attempt to help others return to a righteous path, seek out evils that threaten innocents, learn what you can about evil doers and the reasons for their actions
Anathema refuse to outright destroy an overwhelming evil, strike down another until proving that they have done wrong, reject someone honestly seeking redemption
Favored weapon sickle

Pahti Couatl is a goddess dedicated to removal of evil from Golarion, either in the form of salvation or destruction. Unlike her siblings Cihua Couatl and Tolte Couatl, Pahti Couatl has a different approach with defending good and innocent people by actively seeking out and ridding evil from the world. Pahti Couatl teaches that it is easy to fall in to a path of blind destruction and that one must be assured that one’s campaign is not without reasonable cause. She encourages learning about others to confirm their wrongdoings and that an evil person does so willingly and not due to circumstance. Pahti Couatl knows that a parent unable to feed their child may turn to evil acts like theft and that such straying from the path must be met not with vengeance but with forgiveness and care. In these cases, she takes on the aspect of the Healer of Souls, hoping to return a straying individual to the path of righteousness. If Pahti Couatl comes to understand that an evil person has no chance of returning to righteousness or was never on the path to begin with, she takes on the aspect of the Cleansing Flame and does her best to fully destroy evil and all that it has corrupted. Pahti Couatl typically takes on the form of a quetz coutal with two pairs of elegant wings, but transforms into a xiuh couatl when actively destroying evil. Her religious symbol is a single couatl feather wreathed in flame.

Torme the Wandering

Claimer of the Unclaimed
Areas of Concern righteous entitlement, thieves, and exploration
Alignment LE (LE, LN, N, NE, CE)
Divine Font harm
Divine Ability Dexterity or Intelligence
Divine Skill Thievery
Domains Ambition, Freedom, Travel, Wealth
Alternate Domains Cities, Knowledge, Tyranny
Cleric Spells 1st: ant haul, 4th: suggestion, 9th resplendent mansion
Edicts take what you feel that you deserve to improve your life, travel the world to find new places to claim, bring worthy others with you on your journeys
Anathema allow yourself to be restrained by the wills of others without attempting to free yourself, give up when others prevent you from taking what you want, remain with companions that would keep you from living a fulfilling life
Favored weapon sap (Champions and clerics of Torme can choose to deal lethal damage with a sap without penalty)

Torme the Wandering focuses entirely on claiming that which has yet to be appropriately claimed. He believes that anything that can be taken and then is, was never properly claimed by its former holder. This includes small possessions to land to ideas. If others don’t put in the effort to properly claim and defend what they claim to be their property, then it is just to take it for oneself. Claiming such possessions does not make them yours, however, and you must equally defend your own belongings. The most important possession one has is their own freedom. Imprisonment, be it mental or physical, is the worst fate and many of Torme’s followers would sooner die than face capture or restrictions. Torme appears as a human man wearing flowing robes with sleeves that cover his hands. His robes are covered with small pendants and jewels of various kinds which, legends purport, he took from other gods. His religious symbol is a hand violently clutching a tuft of grass.

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