Groundbreaking – The Origin of Ida Lone

He ran from the pens screaming. Guards stopped him to ask what was wrong, but before he could answer, they saw. They shoved him aside and armed themselves, only to be savagely ripped to shreds. Blood and gore splashed his face, causing him to scratch himself in a frantic attempt at cleaning himself. When he saw the remains of the guards, his screaming returned, as did his fear. He fled again, this time out of the building and toward the tree line. The shadow of the creature kept pace with him for a split second, as if daring him to run faster … he did. He left the clearing that his organization was using for their “research” and barely slowed as he tried to find is way through the unfamiliar forest. He realized that there might be a reason they teleport apprentices in … that it might be trapped, or worse. He only had a split second to ponder that before the reality fell out from under him … just as the ground did when he ran off of cliff and began falling towards a river below.

Welcome back to Groundbreaking. Randal here, finally taking that dive into providing some more lore for RoRawr and “Ida Lone”. If you enjoyed the Eidolon Summoner dedication (Groundbreaking – The Return of Ida Lone), stick around (or jump) to the end, I have decided to have a little bit more fun with the Pathfinder 2e rules involving archetypes.

He had been abused growing up, bullied and pushed around, and taken advantage of at academy. He had been misled about the post that he signed up for, told that it was theoretical research. Once on assignment, the cycle began again, but this time there was no place to hide. When he finally realized what it was he had been tricked into doing, he snapped, and ran. As he fell from the cliff, watching the water rush up towards him as he tumbled awkwardly head over heels, he realized that this fear, panic, and flight was just a temporary schism to protect what little good was still in him, to allow him to continue his fight to make the world a better place. He was about to smile at the thought of how complex and wonderful the brain was when he hit the water and lost consciousness.

I had originally wanted to use a duskwalker, as I like the theme of returning from the dead and bringing another spirit with you, but it turns out that there are two reasons I don’t want that here. First, I have already used a duskwalker and should probably branch out a little (the guardian of the stairs Groundbreaking – The Secrets of the Stairs). Second, I wanted to tie the stories together a little bit tighter than just some previously unknown entity coming back from the dead.

He awoke on a gravelly bank, wedged between a couple large rocks, his head just barely above water. He tried to stand, but couldn’t place his feet below him. The pain almost blinded him. He managed to pull himself out of the water to about his waist, but in trying to roll over the pain over took him and he blacked out again. When he awoke again, he was dark. He lay there, still in pain, too tired to get up still. He saw at the moon and realized that its location in the sky meant that morning would come soon, but he had no way of knowing how many nights he had been there. His feet were still in the water, but his shirt was dry from the chest up. It was then that it dawned on him, not only could he not feel his feet, but he couldn’t pull them out of the water … in fact, he couldn’t move his legs at all.

He spent the next few days fighting to find hope. His magical talent, while above his peers, was still limited due to lack of training and lack of spellbooks. He was able to fetch some food from nearby bushes and water from the river, and build a fire to warm up and keep predators at bay while he continued to plan and search for a way out. When a pack of trollhounds found him, he assumed all was lost … but put hope in one last act by tumbling into the river once more in hopes of washing up out of the reach of those creatures that would have surely eaten him alive. Time after time he went under as he fought the current with only the use of his arms. Finally, darkness overtook him.

He saw a light approaching, a white ball of light in a void. As it neared, the light split apart, becoming three lights of different hues. “Who are you?” he asked. “What is this place?” he queried again. The lights replied, speaking in an echoing unison “Our time is not up. You saved us, now we save you. Your time, our time, is now one. We are now one. We had other names, just as you. Shed Roger and wake up as Ida.”

And thus Ida was born, a witch with the Patron Summoner class archetype.

Patron Summoner Dedication – Feat 1
[Archetype] [Class] [Dedication] [Witch]
Not all witch patrons are mysterious and unknown, working through a familiar.  You know the True Name of your patron and are capable of manifesting your patron when you need their assistance.
You do not gain a familiar, instead you gain an eidolon. This functions as Eidolon Summoner Dedication with the following changes. Any witch abilities that required a familiar now require your eidolon, such as preparing spells. Any ability or feats that would have effected a familiar now effect your eidolon, such as Enhanced Familiar. Even when not manifested, you may still commune with your eidolon to prepare spells or use powers (if needed).
    Special If you take this archetype at 1st level, you start with all the benefits, and you must spend your 2nd level class feat on this dedication.

Eidolon Rider – Feat 4
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication
Your bond with your eidolon has made you able to think and move as one. Your eidolon gains the mount special ability and you gain the Ride feat. Your eidolon can carry you if it is your size or larger, but must be at least one size larger than any other rider. If your eidolon is not at least one size larger than you, it can only use its land speed and it can’t move and Support you on the same turn.

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