Recall Knowledge – June 22nd to July 3rd  

Every week, Recall Knowledge recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, a preview of the Know Direction content of the week to come, and the director of operations, Ryan Costello, thoughts on the state of the network.

I previously discussed how teamwork makes the net work by describing how an ounce of support on my part removes a pound of pressure from Loren and helps make Bend The Knee happen. I’m going to revisit that topic because the origin of Legend Lore illustrates the idea even better and its recent evolution amuses me.

Out of everything the network produces, Legend Lore is the only content I can think of that was born out of the network as a whole. Know Direction Beyond also sort of qualifies. Most of our content starts at the personal level. Someone wants to contribute to the network, or a staff member has a new project they want to launch. With Legend Lore, the idea came first. John Godek and Ron Lundeen had already pitched that they wanted to co-host a topical Starfinder show, and it was generally agreed that the network could use a Pathfinder equivalent. Especially since Adventurous runs on 1e, the network was light on Pathfinder 2e audio content.

We had our foundation, a show concept and format shaped piece of granite with two host-shaped holes. One had to be the John equivalent -a fan of the system with experience playing it- and a Ron equivalent -someone on the design/development side of the system. You might not think Loren and Luis match John and Ron so perfectly, but when broken down to component parts, it ends up they have a lot in common.

Luis and Loren didn’t even have a lot of history together, but they had a great chemistry, and the show was made out of everything they had in common. The show found its voice right away and the two filled the roles envisioned for them perfectly. On top of the hosting duties, Luis filled the important role of producer, editing, uploading, and scheduling the episodes. There was one duty neither of them enjoyed, however: choosing a topic.

They reached out to let me know that this was an issue for them and were wondering if I could help. Could I! I still haven’t developed a 2e instinct, so having the opportunity to ask two knowledgeable and eloquent fans of the system to explain areas I don’t know by heart was not just no problem for me, it was my pleasure.

Funny enough, the first topic of mine they worked on was last week’s Teamwork. It’s funny because as appropriate as that topic is, and as I much as I love a thematic choice, the appropriateness of it did not occur to me until I shared their post. Before suggesting teamwork, my first thought was to explain 2e’s death rules. Then I thought about the state of the world and decided everyone would be better off with a more positive topic. So instead I suggested what felt like the opposite of death: Aid Another. We ruminated on the idea together before deciding there wasn’t enough meat on that bone for a full episode. We expanded further on it to teamwork, obliviously coming full circle.

By the way, I can absolutely fill a weekly column with 500-1000 words on whatever’s on my mind, but if there’s anything you’d like to hear more about -my takes on the industry, behind the scenes of the network, things you associate me with- let me know!

Here’s a recap of what you might have missed last week from the Know Direction Network:

Recap of June 22nd to June 26th

What happened last week on and

Monday, June 22nd


Adventurous 0039 – Down with the Cygnus

Our Adventurous heroes spend the trip to Lauchlein Lake getting to know one another better, discussing plans, and discovering a spy.

Recall Knowledge – June 15th to June 26th

I reflect on how valuable a resource having Paizo staff past and present on our actual play podcasts has been for me as a player.

Tuesday, June 23rd


Legend Lore 006 — Teamwork

My summary of this episode turned into my editorial for this week…

PaizoCon Online 2020 – Creating a Dynamic Character

Thanks again to Find The Path, not only for sharing their recording of this seminar but also for sharing their thoughts on how to connect the dots of the ABCs of character creation to D for Develop.


Groundbreaking – The Return of Ida Lone
by Randal Meyer

Normally, Randal writes setting material. Sometimes a setting requires specific mechanics to bring the lore to life. That’s why Randal dedicated this installment of Groundbreaking to the design of a summoner dedication feat chain.

Wednesday, June 24th


Presenting – Joseph Blomquist

“Thursty gave me Illegal Shipment,” is my new favourite out-of-context quote from one of our podcasts. 

PaizoCon Online 2020 – Playing a Dynamic Character

When FtP gave me the title of the two seminar recordings they were sending me, I assumed the two would effectively make for one long discussion. Instead, the two, while complimentary, have a drastic pivot point, with this part focusing on a lot of strong tips for roleplaying, and how a dynamic character personality is entirely different from a dynamic build.


The Dev Pit: Analyzing and Adjusting Gnoll Culture
by Alex Augunas
Alex rewrites gnoll culture to give these sapient humanoids more agency without sacrificing their aggressive nature that tends to cast them as villains.

Thursday, June 25th


PaizoCon Online 2020 – Closing Ceremony

Our PaizoCon Online 2020 seminar coverage ends as the con itself did, with the closing ceremonies that Paizo courteously invited myself and Perram to.


Investing In: Scion
by Rob Pontious

Even though I rarely drift to other RPG systems, Rob has a way of reminding me of how amazing the other RPGs on the market are. “Want to play the children of gods of Earth pantheons? Try Scion from  Onyx Path Publishing, now on it’s second edition.” I know I am unlikely to get around to most of these amazing games, so thank goodness Investing In is here to make me feel like I practically have.

Battle of the Pantheons Conclusion!
By Dustin Knight

Not only does Dustin’s post mirror the announcement on Paizo’s blog of the winner of the Battle of the Pantheons contest, he also includes some sweet data about the frequency of the gods  showing up in the 84 pantheon submissions. Actually, “includes” is underselling it. He made a delightful pie chart for the data.

Friday, June 26th


Monstrous Physique — Captain Falcon (PF2e)
By Luis Loza

It’s a good thing Smash Bros and Captain Falcon are self-explanatory to so many people, because I know very little about either and anything I put in this blurb would have been paraphrasing a Nintendo wiki.

Preview of June 29th to July 3rd

This is Block 2 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, June 29th




Recall Knowledge (available now)
I went for Canada colours in the banner this week because Wednesday is Canada Day. I’m curious if anyone caught that.

Tuesday, June 30th


Digital Divination 007 with John and Ron


Burst of Insight by Andrew Marlowe

Wednesday, July 1st


Know Direction Live


Fox’s Cunning by Dustin Knight

Thursday, June 18th


Know Direction 


Something Creates by Andrew Sturtevant

Friday, June 19th


Intrepid Heroes


Bend The Knee by Loren Sieg


Now you know,
Ryan Costello


Ryan Costello

What started as one gamer wanting to talk about his love of a game grew into a podcast network. Ryan founded what would become the Know Direction Podcast network with Jason "Jay" Dubsky, his friend and fellow 3.5 enthusiast. They and their game group moved on to Pathfinder, and the Know Direction podcast network was born. Now married and a father, Ryan continues to serve the network as the director of logistics and co-host of Upshift podcast, dedicated to the Essence20 RPG system he writes for and helped design. You can find out more about Ryan and the history of the network in this episode of Presenting:

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