Groundbreaking – The Return of Ida Lone

Hey there, Randal here. You may know me from such blogs as Groundbreaking, and Terraforming, and … Groundbreaking. Sorry, it has been a day. I sat down to write some expanded lore for Marathis’ Cradle, and for some reason I found myself drawn to RoRawr again. I went around and around with ideas, such as writing up a quest to work with them, or perhaps a quest to defuse a tense situation with them. I am not sure how, but I got in my head working with the bones of their mother. A haunt? A witch patron? Perhaps an oracle’s curse? Then it dawned on me … what if a duskwalker was sent to give RoRawr a message from their mother? And what if that duskwalker happened to be bonded the soul of RoRawr’s mother? What if they could manifest them as an eidolon? Yeah, exactly, a summoner!

But then I was sad, we had no eidolons, and APG isn’t out yet (not that I have confirmation we will see an eidolon in there, mind you). I spent all of my writing time, as well as all the time it took to get my kids to bed, thinking about how I would write a 2e summoner. After going around and around, I realized that being a summoner in 1e felt disjointed to me. Were you a beefy conjurer or were you the master of an eidolon? So I spun around and around with the 2e mechanics before I decided that I felt a 2e Summoner should really be focused on the eidolon. Champions, Druids, and Rangers have animal companions that scale up (with the help of some feats) and can branch out depending on class and feat choices. What is an eidolon but a summoned animal companion?

Well, I couldn’t get this out of my mind, so I went ahead and did it. I present to you, my Eidolon Summoner Dedication … along with a bunch of feats to make sure you continue to have some fun with your eidolon as you progress in level. I figure we are going to get one in APG, and I wanted to see if I was even close to how they handle it, and since I can’t drop this online after and claim I was right, now is the time! 🙂

Eidolon Summoner Dedication – Feat 2
[Archetype] [Dedication]
Prerequisites trained in Arcana, Nature, Occult, or Religion; possession of a True Name
    Eidolons are willing souls or sentient essences from beyond the material plane, contacted so that they may be called forth when needed. You gain the Manifest Eidolon focus spell, a focus pool of 1, and access to the Rejuvenate Eidolon downtime activity.
    Special Obviously fantastical variants of animal companions, they follow the rules for animal companions (page 214) with the following changes. They have the summoned trait. When you regain your spell slots for the day, your eidolon regains all hit points and removes all conditions except the Banished condition, which it decreases by 1.

Manifest Eidolon – Focus 1
[Concentrate] [Conjuration] [Somatic] [Verbal]
Cast [A][A][A] material, somatic, verbal
Range 30 feet
Duration sustained up to 1 minute
    You manifest your eidolon to assist you. If your eidolon gains the dying condition, it is instead dismissed and gains or increases the Banished condition by that same value. You may dismiss your eidolon as per Dismiss a Spell.
Heightened (2nd) Duration sustained up to 10 minutes
Heightened (3rd) Duration 1 hour
Heightened (4th) Duration 8 hours
Heightened (5th) Duration until the next time you make your daily preparations

Banished (Condition)
When your eidolon has been banished, it loses some of the connection to the material plane that you provide it. This works just like Drained, except that if your eidolon reaches Banished 4, then your link is severed and you must spend a week of downtime to recreate the bond.

Rejuvenate Eidolon (Activity)
You spend a day of downtime bonding with your eidolon through ritual. This reduces the Banished condition of your eidolon by an additional 1 when you next prepare your spells.

Eidolon Armor – Feat 4
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication
    When you manifest your eidolon, you may instead create a stylized suit of force armor, granting yourself an armor class bonus and temporary hit points. You gain the effects of mage armor at the same level as manifest eidolon as well as temporary hit points equal to your eidolon’s remaining hit points. Any temporary hit points you lose count as your eidolon taking damage, and when it reaches 0 hit points, it is Banished.

Enhanced Eidolon – Feat 4
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication
    You infuse your eidolon with additional magical energy that is usually reserved for familiars. Each day, you may select one familiar ability or master ability from the following options: all familiar abilities, lifelink, spell delivery.
    Special This feat may be taken multiple times.

Bonded Eidolon – Feat 6
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication
    You have learned a bonding ritual to strengthen the ties your eidolon has to you. Your eidolon is now a mature animal companion (page 214). In addition, your eidolon never attacks you, even if it is magically compelled to do so.

Quick Manifestation [F] – Feat 8
[Archetype] [Concentrate] [Metamagic]
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication
    Your bond is such that you can call your forth your eidolon faster than before. If your next action is to manifest your eidolon, reduce the number of actions to do so by 1.

Eidolon Suit – Feat 8
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication, Eidolon Armor
    You have become more adept at wearing your eidolon. When wearing your Eidolon Armor, you may spend an action to change into the form of your eidolon. You are your eidolon in all ways except that you retain the ability to speak and you use your own hit points (and temporary hit points from Eidolon Armor). This action has the concentrate trait.

Chimaeric Eidolon – Feat 10
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication, Bonded Eidolon
    Your bond is so strong that you can summon forth and bond an additional willing soul. Choose an additional companion type, making your eidolon a chimaera of all the companion types it has. For each additional companion type, your eidolon gains an additional melee attack and speed type, if applicable.
    Special You may take this feat up to two times. Each time, choose a different companion type.

Anchored Eidolon – Feat 10
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication, Bonded Eidolon
    Your bond continues to imbue your eidolon with growing power. Your eidolon is now a nimble or savage animal companion (page 214). In addition, your mount cannot be sent back to its home plane by effects such as banishment.

Broodmaster – Feat 12
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication, Bonded Eidolon, Anchored Eidolon
    With your bond more stable, you are able to fully bond and manifest a second eidolon. You gain a young animal companion as another eidolon, using half your level to determine its stats.
    Special You may take this feat twice.

Specialized Eidolon – Feat 16
Prerequisites Eidolon Summoner Dedication, Anchored Eidolon
    Your bond with your eidolon is strong enough that it may specialize. Your eidolon gains one specialization of your choice. (See the Animal Companion section on page 214.)
    Special You may take this feat up to three times. Each time, add a different specialization to your eidolon.

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