Fox’s Cunning – Know Direction Die Rolling App!

Are you tired of hauling a cumbersome bag of dice with you to every game? Do you just hate trying to type out your macros on your phone? Have you been missing out on the thrill of waiting for your die result as the polyhedron zips across the table!? Well we have an app for you! Today I’m excited to announce the release of a new mobile tool for your favorite RPGs — The Know Direction Die Roller!

The app rolls a special digital die, recording the result and letting you export it seamlessly to your Roll20 table! All you have to do is tap on the die you want to roll and watch as our server generates and presents you with the most random number for optimal fairness! With a single press of a button, the app copies the die result straight to your clipboard, ready for easy exporting into your game!

Every gamer experiences being cheated by their dice. But with other dice rolling apps, your stuck with whatever result you get. Not with the Know Direction Die Roller! Feel like your virtual die was cocked? Just go ahead and use that trove of KD Coins to reroll! KD Coins can be “looted” in app using the KD Store, with a bonus coin for every hour of the affiliated twitch stream you watch live!

Not up for the thrill of waiting to see your die result? Skipping ads between rolls is as easy as earning a few coins. And Patrons of Know Direction are even allowed one free “bonus die” every month in case their die rolls off the table!

We are currently in development of additional features, such as rolling multiple dice at once and the ultra-premium d21! App available at any participating phistophilus!

Dustin Knight

Dustin has been playing and improving on RPGs since AD&D in 1999. He ran games and conventions around California while studying Graphic Design, Philosophy, English & Architecture. After developing a tabletop game seminar he began working freelance for Alderac Entertainment Games. During his stint on the East Coast, he became a Venture Lieutenant and began reviewing Pathfinder mechanics for Organized Play. After moving to Washington in 2019, he met Alex Augunas at Paizocon and developed, designed and wrote for Everybody Games LLC. He has since published work with Rogue Genius Games and Paizo. He can be found on the Know Direction discord where he goes by the username "KitsuneWarlock".