Fox’s Cunning — Destroyer of Shins

Bedframe Siderail

Mechanical, Trap       Hazard -1
Stealth DC 15 (trained) (-4 penalty to locate if Fatigued)
Description This bare bedframe has been positioned in such a way that the siderail where you’d expect the head or foot of the bed sticks out beyond the mattress pad.

Disable Athletics DC 15 (trained) to turn the bedframe around so the siderail extension faces the wall.
AC 16, Fort +10, Ref +0
Hardness 4, HP 14 (BT 7); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage
Shin Slam Trigger A creature walks adjacent to the bed. Effect The creature risks slamming their shins into the siderail of the bed. The triggering creature takes 2d4+1 bludgeoning damage (DC 15 basic Reflex save, with a -2 status penalty if the creature is fatigued).

Critical Success The creature is unaffected.
Success The creature becomes clumsy 1 for 1 round.
Failure The creatures becomes clumsy 2 for 1 minute.
Critical Failure The creatures becomes clumsy 2 for 1 hour. If the creature was fatigued or resting, they lose 1 hour of rest.

Reset Instant

Dustin Knight

Dustin has been playing and improving on RPGs since AD&D in 1999. He ran games and conventions around California while studying Graphic Design, Philosophy, English & Architecture. After developing a tabletop game seminar he began working freelance for Alderac Entertainment Games. During his stint on the East Coast, he became a Venture Lieutenant and began reviewing Pathfinder mechanics for Organized Play. After moving to Washington in 2019, he met Alex Augunas at Paizocon and developed, designed and wrote for Everybody Games LLC. He has since published work with Rogue Genius Games and Paizo. He can be found on the Know Direction discord where he goes by the username "KitsuneWarlock".