Fox’s Cunning — Boon Cards!

I love boons. For those who don’t know, boons are small in-game rewards in Pathfinder Society given for completing an adventure, working for a specific faction or just for running lots of games. In Pathfinder Society Second Edition, players slot boons before the start of a game. This prevents players from slowing down the game looking through their trove of often niche rewards and opens design space for more character relevant boons knowing players are limited to only a few at a time. But what’s the best way to track which boons you’ve slotted? Some players will pull out their printed chronicles and keep them with their character, others mark the chronicles they slot most regularly. But some of us prefer a more civilized approach.

For those who don’t know, I love cards. Feat cards. Bestiary cards. Spell cards. Just think of me as a Champion of Irez! And today the Lady of Inscribed Wonder has blessed us with the wonderful gift of boon cards!

These cards are super easy to use. Print out the ones you’ve earned. Slot your boons at the beginning of your session in a 9-pocket card page. And make sure to keep an extra page or two for all those slotless boons you’ll collect along the way. I even made this handy-dandy template you can print out and slip in a plastic sheet behind your 9-Pocket Page to help remind you how many boon slots you get each session. You can even pull the cards out mid-game to pass around the table to help explain the effects of each boon. GMs can even print them out to hand out to players or use them in play-by-post or online games to help explain the effect being used.

These cards will be updated at the URLs on this page to reflect changes to the Organized Play Foundation website. It may take a day or two for me to get the updated cards released, but I will be sure to announce it on the Know Direction Discord and my own blog, Kitsune Mori. They will also be updated one week before Paizocon, one week before Gencon and sometime between Christmas and the New Year.

Note that these cards are not replacements for your official chronicle sheet. You must have the chronicle sheet with you to use the boon. While these boons are fairly accurate, you should always compare the rules text to the original boon to confirm the card you have is up to date. And always cross limited-use boons off on the original chronicle in addition to the card itself!

There are four current formats available for these cards. Please feel free to contact me on discord or Facebook if you want a different format and I can add it to the list! There are some spoilers if you carefully read the scenario boons, but the boons are separated in such a way that they are pretty easy to skip if you want to go straight into playtest and faction boons!

Double-Sided Print (PDF) (13.13 MB) – Formatted for 8.5×11 Paper (Double-Sided w/ Card Backs)

Single-Sided Print (PDF) (5.79 MB) – Formatted for 8.5×11 Paper (No Backs)

Individual Cards (PDF) (5.98 MB) – One Card Per Page

Individual Cards (ZIP) (4.48 MB) – JPEG of each card in a ZIP folder

Faction Only Cards (PDF) (2.65 MB) – Only the Faction Boons

Individual Quest and Scenario Boons – Hosted on PFS Prep

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Dustin Knight

Dustin has been playing and improving on RPGs since AD&D in 1999. He ran games and conventions around California while studying Graphic Design, Philosophy, English & Architecture. After developing a tabletop game seminar he began working freelance for Alderac Entertainment Games. During his stint on the East Coast, he became a Venture Lieutenant and began reviewing Pathfinder mechanics for Organized Play. After moving to Washington in 2019, he met Alex Augunas at Paizocon and developed, designed and wrote for Everybody Games LLC. He has since published work with Rogue Genius Games and Paizo. He can be found on the Know Direction discord where he goes by the username "KitsuneWarlock".


  1. Rich Lowe

    Fantastic resource! Thanks for the awesomeness, makes tracking boons both easier and more pretty! 😀

  2. Hey, I made some boon cards, too. Check them out here:

  3. Sterling

    I think this is awesome. Now we just need one for Starfinder.