Burst of Insight—Weird Character Personality Prompts, Part One Lawful


We’ve done a lot of Weird Prompts articles and most of them are for the GM. This week I thought I’d write one for everyone and focus on character concepts. Some of these are adapted from characters in popular media while others are more original. Each is tied to one of the nine alignments in a way that would allow these characters to join or be allied with heroic PCs even if they are evil in nature. This first article will revolve around the three moral variations of the Lawful alignments.

Lawful Good: You are pleasant and outgoing and people like you. It may because you make an effort to remember people’s names, actively listen to their stories, and actually empathize with their struggles. You also have a strong moral code when you give your word you keep it. Even when it’s inconvenient for you.

You had a complicated relationship with one of your parents. They were a pillar in your community a paragon of valor, honor, and duty. You tried very hard to live up to that ideal and while others would tell you how proud you made your parent you never felt it. Your parent was always trying to show you how you could be better…you never doubted they loved you but they rarely displayed that love openly. Recently this parent died and you have come into possession of their journal. In it, you have found the words and signs of pride and love you always believed they held for you as well as the complicated fears and human flaws that kept them from really expressing it to you.

Lawful Neutral: You are meticulous outside and in. Your fashion sense is on point and you never appear rumpled or disheveled unless it’s a calculated dissemblance. You are a planner and tend to try and have contingencies for your contingencies. You are also a con artist, cheat, and a thief. It’s not that you have no respect for the law on the contrary society’s laws provide frameworks for the unique challenges of taking what you want. Now, this doesn’t mean you are completely amoral. You have a code you live by and are far from a cold-blooded killer. You have a good heart and tend to select victims who have “it” coming or will likely never notice a loss of a few items, rather than those who can’t afford it or would be emotionally devastated by the theft of a family heirloom.

You never steal from friends (you might occasionally borrow their things without asking) but you always return the items in as good of condition as you borrowed it or you graciously replace the item if at all possible. It is likely your friends are aware of your proclivities and tolerate it because of your charm, wit, and steadfast support or they’re also thieves and con artists with some scruples.

Lawful Evil: You have few friends or loved ones because it’s hard for you to trust. After all, you are very acutely aware of what horrors people are capable of because you know what you are capable of whether it be cold-blooded murder, torture, or black magic. For the most part, you follow society’s rules because they are good rules but they don’t supersede the less codified but just as important rules of the criminal underworld that you are often a part of. As such you are occasionally called upon to “make an example” of someone who slights you or kill a contact who might snitch on you to the crown.

You might feel regret for having to kill an associate but not remorse or guilt over the killing itself. Your family and close friends should have nothing to fear from you. In fact, you’ll do terrible things to anyone who threatens or mistreats them.


So there are the first three character personality prompts. If you have a favorite Lawful character tell us about their personality in the comments below.

Burst of Insight

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