PaizoCon2018 046 – Celebrity Gaming: Pathfinder Playtest

Welcome to the Know Direction podcast network’s PaizoCon 2018 seminar coverage, brought to you by the Roll For Combat Starfinder Actual Play Podcast! Below you will find links to all of our PaizoCon 2018 Seminar Recordings.

046 – Celebrity Gaming: Pathfinder Playtest
Join Paizo’s Director of Game Design Jason Bulmahn and a party of Paizo all-stars for 2 hours of high-energy hilarity using the all new Path nder Playtest rules— audience participation is highly encouraged!
Speakers: Jason Bulmahn, Judy Bauer, James Case, Cosmo Eisele, Diego Valdez

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Note: In order to release these seminars in as timely a manner as possible, our seminar coverage is only lightly edited. There may be some NSFW language, and some audio might be harder to hear than others.

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