Private Sanctuary 299 – Dex Fighting

Jirelle, iconic female swashbuckler with leather armor and rapier, red cape over one shoulderSwashbuckling, parries, fencing, back flips, and feints. The power fantasy of being the nimble swordsman on the battlefield has long been a classic. We channel our inner Errol Flynn this week as special guest Jefferson Jay Thacker joins Alexander Augunas to talk about building dexterous melee characters in Pathfinder.

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  1. Sayt

    On the subject of Slayers and Two Weapon/Dex fighting, Achaekek’s ranger combat style from… Inner sea combat (I think) lets you pick up Improved Two Weapon Feint without the prerequisites.

  2. Thrawn007

    Alex scored points with me on the two-handed weapon ranger dex build (my first pfs character is actually a elven ranger/rogue curve blade who was decent before unchained came out, and became amazing after.) I can also vouch for the warpriest dex build. (I have a dancing dervish warpriest. Not as strong as a two-weapon kukri build, but still proved to be decent.)

    Quickly lost points with me on the lace though. Yes, it is totally very, and I’m not sure 10k is enough. No I don’t think a campaign clarification would be a good thing.

    Overall, loved the topic. It’s amazing how much stronger dex builds have advanced in 3 years, after being mostly a trap for 13 or so years before that.

  3. Leonardo

    To be fair, the trait that grants the ability to find traps is a campaign trait (Trap Finder, Mummy Mask), and normally shouldn’t be allowed outside of that specific adventure path. The devs have said already that those traits are nearly as strong as a feat, sometimes stronger.

  4. David S.

    I see Private Sanctuary 300 on Twitch TV … why hasn’t it posted here??

  5. Jeffrey M

    I feel like Piranha Strike needed a mention. It’s the feat that means you don’t need the 13 str for power attack.