Dear DovahQueen: In my games (society and home) I like to play a multiclass paladin/sorcerer…

Dear DovahQueen: In my games (society and home) I like to play a multiclass paladin/sorcerer character. However, given the nature of the sorcerer class it embraces an inner power, which contrasts the typical paladin’s embrace of a higher power. I sometimes find myself having trouble role-playing a character that is lawful good with somewhat chaotic tendencies.

What are some things I can do to properly role play a lawful good paladin who also embraces a somewhat chaotic side from his sorcerous ancestry? — Lawfully Magic

Dear LM: I feel like it’s important not to automatically associate inner power with chaos. Keep in mind, the monk’s entire premise is around the power that comes from inner tranquility, and they’re pretty darn Lawful. In fact, the whole concept of sorcerous power used to derive from the idea that some people had just a little bit of dragon blood in the veins and that that was the source of their power (some dragons are lawful 😉 ). After a while, that source was expanded to Fey and Fiend till we’re at the point we are now where it can come from nearly anything. That source has always been known to be innate and slightly chaotic in and of itself, even if the character wasn’t.

That still leaves room for some really cool roleplay opportunities though. The divine and disciplined nature of the paladin is a very interesting juxtaposition with the arcane font that is the sorcerer. Depending on the deity, I can imagine it in a few different ways. The most prominent being that your character may very well feel that their surging arcane needs to be controlled, and as such makes a powerful tool with which to enforce the will of their divine being. Champions of the God of Magic were often in this position and felt their magic to be a blessing as much as a calling.

In the end though, it’s all about your character concept. You gotta do whatever feels the best and whatever is the most fun.

Loren Sieg

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