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  1. Dax Thura Reply to Dax

    I am glad that Private Sanctuary will continue and I hope to listen to many many more episodes from the two of you. I figure you have topics planned out already (to one extent or another) but I want to put a bid in to hear your thoughts on the classes. Particularly the core classes that where covered by before many of the current options existed. Best of luck and Game On!

  2. I have a similar thought to Dax. I know you guys are brought in to continue the series (and your new episode is episode 253, not 1), but revisiting old topics like classes/races etc with new eyes could be a great idea.

    I sure hope you guys don’t discard subjects that episode 1-252 has covered. You guys are particularly crunchy as well, so a fresh set of eyes and a new angle would be great

  3. Justin Shuttleworth Reply to Justin

    Guys hate to put negativity into the argument but, I figure honest and polite constructive critism can be a torchlight for improvement.
    1. Going on endlesslessly about your characters and their roll playing “bada**ness” is frightly boring. Ryan and Jay rarely bring up their own characters and Matt almost never did. When they did they kept it topical and non tangential
    2. Stream of conscience pod casting = Amature podcasting. Guys it felt like you barely had an outline on your first show. Bullet points and research are your friends. If you just want to share antidotes about your home game you should re-brand the podcast.
    3. Lastly if you really do want to share more about your personal play consider actual adventure reviews: Steelwind and Asmyth do a wonderful job but they have a sporadic release schedule at best. This leaves a big hole to fill and plenty of material to cover. ” I personally would love a review of Shattered Star by experienced gamers such as youselves.”

    Sorry I couldn’t give you a better review on your first show but, I will continue to listen to a couple more episodes cause I like your enthusiasm for the game.
    Best of luck

  4. Hi,
    I pretty much echo what Justin said,you need to be tight and not go on about whatever comes out.
    Also be careful getting too specific about Adventures.
    I’ll put this one down to a “getting to know you” show.

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