Private Sanctuary 249 – Technology Guide

The Everyman Gamer Alex Augunus takes Ryan and the listeners on a rocket ride through essential reading for the Iron Gods adventure path, and everything you should know about the wares of Numeria – The Pathfinder Campaign Setting Technology Guide.

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Running or playing in Iron Gods yourself, or just want to follow along? The contents of the Technology Guide are available in full on the Pathfinder PRD.

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  1. J. Hunter Reply to J.

    The 1st ed adventure that was based in a crashed star ship was called S3- Expedition to Barrier Peaks. It was rather unique, not just for content but for its physical design. It had two booklets inside a double set of maps/cover. One booklet was the text of the adventure and the other had numerous illustrations of the encounters. Several were in full color and I believe all were done by the incomparable Erol Otus. I still have my copy. I might pick up the Tech Guide and start some conversion work!

  2. Yes! Expedition to Barrier Peaks! I will try to remember that, since Numeria will be coming up often this year.

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