PaizoCon 2014 Special 008 – Technology & Gaming

F. Wesley Schneider, Liz Courts, and Patrick Renie take us on a next level journey about how the technology of the future can enhance your game today.

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I don’t know about you, but at points the panelists are throwing out so many tools that I could not keep up. Luckily, our friends at Paizo shared their notes with us:


Here’s the websites I remember mentioning (and some others) that I’d recommend for groups and GMs interested in integrating technology into their game: — Kanban board-style project management software. Possibly useful for gaming groups doing remote, asynchronous games. — Great for finding soundtracks and background music for games. — One of many websites that lets you loop youtube videos so you can listen to music on repeat. — Great sound effects generators, useful for overlaying on music or just creating ambience. Variety of themes include ocean noises, rain noises, fire noises, jungle noises, and more. There’s even an RPG dungeon soundscape for contributing members. — Evernote software. Useful for planning campaigns and keeping track of resources found online. — Wiki-style campaign management website. Great for GMs who like to build their own campaign world or keep track of a lot of different things for their campaign. Also allows players to keep their characters online and interface with player-friendly parts of the GM’s wiki. — FreeMind mind-mapping software. A visual way to diagram adventures and organize information. I find it very useful.


Pathfinder Reference Resources — Official Pathfinder Reference Document. Contains all rules from hardcover Pathfinder RPG books. — Archives of Nethys. Contains rules database for non-hardcover Pathfinder sources. —Same as Archives of Nethys. — Official Pathfinder Wiki. Continually growing resource for canonical details about the Pathfinder campaign setting. If you use it, contribute when you can! — Useful and powerful custom monster and treasure generators for the Pathfinder RPG.


Liz:— scene-based, narrative storytelling site, recently got a huge upgrade through Kickstarter.

HeroLab and RealmWorks — kind of a given! Very useful tools,  both of them.

National Geographic archives — Digital subscription to National Geographic gets you access to their archives starting from 1888. Incredibly valuable.

Wikimedia Commons — A lot of images that are (mostly) free-to-use. Great for inspiration. — My go-to place for battlemaps and map objects — Tabletops and projectors — Pathfinder RPG treasure generator — Adventure Finder for Pathfinder RPG — Open access maps from the New York Public Library — (GM trick: Generate about 10 to 15 names ahead of time so that you’ll always have a name handy for that barkeep, store owner, or street beggar) — Fractal world generator, and a lot of other things too!


Warning: Wes Schneider tries to drop some f-bombs, but the goat is there to clean things up.

Actually, follow-up warning: there’s a lot going on during this panel, including music playing in the background and audience questions. Sounds levels jump around quite a bit. Sorry for your ear drums.

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