PS051 – 1st Anniversary

The gang’s all here for Private Sanctuary’s first anniversary!

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Draconis – the Montreal gaming event Jay and Matt talked about.

Hobby Kingdom – The greatest gaming store Ryan’s ever visited.

Battlegrounds – Cool store, just 3.5 dry.

Comic Connection – If you happen by, save the copy of Dieties and Demigods for Ryan, please.

Hairy Tarantula – Somewhere between a novelty and an oddity is this downtown Toronto store, supportive of 3.5 material.

401 Games – Also downtown Toronto, also supportive of 3.5.

Paizo – Do we really have to tell you who Paizo is at this point?

D&D Podcast episode 25 (not 24, sorry folks) – Dragon editor Chris Youngs sits in.

D&D Podcast episode 27 – A talk with the Salvatores.

Sneak Peak’s filecard –  The GI Joe named after Steven King’s son (Owen King, not Joseph)

Crystal Ball’s filecard – The filecard Steven King wrote.

D&D Minis announcement – Revealing the new plan for the minis line.

D&D Minis clarification – Explaining the changes.





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