PS050 – Arts & Crafts

Ryan and Tina talk Arts and Crafts.

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PROMO: Wapcaplets


Windsor Gaming Resource: A message board for gamers in Windsor, Ontario and surrounding areas.

Precis Intermedia Games: NOT pig games, but rather the suppliers of Disposable Heroes paper minis, among others.

Digital Counter Collection v2.0 : Available soon from Fiery Dragon Productions.

DIY Terrain: Downloadable for free thanks to WizKids, makers of the Mage Knight clix game

Deviant Art : The art blog site whose name Ryan couldn’t remember.

Joecustoms Wiki : Customizing action figures guidelines. Maybe you too can make Drizzt Do’Urden out of GI Joe parts.

Dremel : An indispensable crafting tool.

Games Workshop : Miniatures painting guidelines.

For more, including images of Ryan and Tina’s cake toppers, visit our forums !



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