Monstrous Physique — Diddy Kong (PF2E)

One of my favorite genre of video games is the platformer. Various game series like Mario and Kirby include some of my favorite games of all time. Alongside these great games was another great platformer: Donkey Kong Country. This great platformer filled up multiple afternoons of my youth. The game gave you two options of playable characters and my favorite was always Diddy Kong. Seeing as how I already stated the bigger Kong last week, I figured his sidekick deserved a stat block, too. Let’s take a look at Diddy Kong!

Diddy Kong                            Creature 5
N, Small, Beast
Perception +12
Languages Common (can’t speak any language)
Skills Acrobatics +16, Athletics+12
Str +2, Dex +6, Con +3, Int –2, Wis +1, Cha +2

AC 22; Fort +12, Ref +18, Will +9
HP 85

Speed 30 feet, climb 30 ft.
Melee [one-action] fist +13 (agile), Damage 2d6+6 bludgeoning plus Grab
Ranged [one-action] popgun +13 (range 30 feet), Damage 2d6+6 bludgeoning
 [one-action] 1d8+7 bludgeoning, DC 22
Banana Peel [one-action] Diddy Kong produces a banana peel and drops it into an adjacent square without a banana peel. A creature that enters a square with a banana peel risks tripping, based on their Reflex save. Regardless of the result of the check, the banana peel is destroyed.
Critical Success No effect.
Success The creature is flat-footed until the start of its next turn.
Failure The creature falls prone.
Critical Failure The creature falls prone and takes 1d6 bludgeoning damage.
Rocketbarrel Boost [three-actions] Diddy Kong uses his rocket pack to launch himself. He moves in a straight line up to 120 feet in any direction. Diddy Kong collides with any creatures along the way. A creature he collides with takes 1d10 bludgeoning damage and 1d10 fire damage (DC 22 basic Reflex save to reduce all damage). If Diddy Kong flies into the air, he treats the fall as 120 feet shorter. Diddy Kong can’t use Rocketbarrel Boost again for 1d4 rounds.

Diddy Kong is an intelligent monkey that hails from Donkey Kong island. He is best friends with Donkey Kong. Diddy is more energetic than his ape friend and is usually the more adventurous and fun-loving of the two. Diddy is very kind and willing to offer foes a chance to surrender. He is a very fierce fighter when needed, however. Diddy uses his agility on the battlefield to outmaneuver his foes. One of his favored tactics is to leap onto a foe to clobber them. He also makes use of banana peels to create obstructions on the battlefield and his peanut popguns to strike distant foes.

That’s it for this week! If you end up introducing Diddy Kong into your game or you have any request for a future Monstrous Physique, please drop me a line at

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