Random Encounters — Little Girl Grossed Out

Welcome to Random Encounters, the blog where we take a popular internet meme, animal video, or the like and turn it into a game rule for Pathfinder or Starfinder.

We’ve all been in a room where someone says something… gross, shocking, or just inappropriate. This meme encapsulates that idea completely, which is why it’s such a fantastic candidate for a Deception feat for Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

Dubious Reaction «Feat 2

General Skill Misfortune
Prerequisite expert in Deception
Frequency once per day
Trigger an opponent you can see and hear makes a Diplomacy check or Deception check to Lie

You react to your opponent as if they had just said something indecent, forcing them to re-roll the relevant skill check with a -2 circumstance penalty.

Vanessa Hoskins

Vanessa has been creating games and adventures since she was 10 and raided the family board games for dice while using her vast LEGO collection for minis and locations. Today, she has authored several Pathfinder and Starfinder Society scenarios including an interactive special. She’s also crafted adventures and encounters for multiple 3rd party publishers in addition to her devious class options appearing in both Paizo and 3rd party products. When not writing, running, or playing role-playing games, she enjoys narrative based video games, musical theatre, and spending time with her wife and their adorable cats.