Monstrous Physique — Jigglypuff (2E)

Howdy! There was a cool announcement on the Smash Bros. scene recently and I’ve been hankering to play the game in recent days. As a result, I’ve had Smash Bros. on the mind. So, of course, I had to convert another one of its characters into one of my preferred RPGs. This time, I chose to convert over the toughest little puff ball in the game, Jigglypuff! Let’s take a look.

Jigglypuff                            Creature 6
N, Small, Beast
Perception +14
Languages Common (can’t speak any language)
Skills Acrobatics +15, Performance +18
Str +0, Dex +5, Con +3, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +4

AC 21; Fort +11, Ref +14, Will +17
HP 70; Resistances bludgeoning 5

Speed 20 feet, fly 30 feet
Melee [one-action] fist +13 (agile), Damage 2d4+7 bludgeoning
Pound [two-actions] Jigglypuff rushes forward and punches a foe. Jiggplypuff Steps. If they end their movement within melee reach of at least one enemy, they can make a melee Strike against that enemy. On a hit, the creature must succeed at a DC 27 Reflex save or become flat-footed.
Rest [three-actions] Jigglypuff immediately falls asleep, releasing an enormous amount of energy. Jigglypuff selects one adjacent creature, dealing 8d6 damage to the creature. That creature must attempt a DC 27 Fortitude save. Regardless of the creature’s result, Jigglypuff falls asleep. They automatically wake up at the end of their next turn or if they take damage.
Critical Success The creature is unaffected.
Success The creature takes half damage.
Failure The creature takes full damage and is pushed back 5 feet.
Critical Failure The creature takes full damage, is pushed back 10 feet, and falls prone.
Rollout [three-actions] Jigglypuff rolls in a straight line, hitting the nearest target. Jigglypuff Strides up to 40 feet in a straight line, stopping as soon as they reach an enemy. If they stop adjacent to an enemy, Jigglypuff makes a melee Strike against that enemy. Jigglypuff gains a +1 circumstance bonus to the attack and a +2 damage for every 10 feet they traveled as part of the Rollout.
Sing [two-actions] Jigglypuff sings a soothing lullaby. Jigglypuff casts a 4th-level sleep spell (DC 27 Will save) that affects all creatures within 5 feet of Jigglypuff.

This Balloon Pokémon invites its opponents in close with its big, round eyes and then puts them to sleep with a soothing lullaby. It puffs itself up when angry, and while it may look adorable, it’s not to be trifled with; it knows several powerful techniques. It can suck in air and use this to float around on the battlefield.  Unfortunately, as a Balloon Pokémon its body is light, weak, and easy to knock away.

That’s it for this week! If you end up up introducing Jigglypuff into your game or you have any request for a future Monstrous Physique, please drop me a line at

Luis Loza

Luis Loza is a developer at Paizo, working on the Pathfinder Lost Omens line and formerly on Campaign Setting and Player Companion lines. He's done freelance for Paizo Inc, Legendary Games, Rogue Genius Games, and more third-party publishers. His hobbies include gaming both tabletop and video, making jokes, obsessing over time travel, taking naps with Nova his cat, and walks with his wife. He is eternally plagued with a hunger for tacos. Consider checking his material on his Patreon at