Starfinder Panel

Gen Con 2016 – Paizo’s Starfinder Panel

Our Gen Con 2016 Coverage kicks off with Paizo’s Starfinder Panel! Learn all about their upcoming Science Fantasy RPG, and their plans for galactic conquest!

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Some of the Details from the Panel

1) Starfinder will launch at Gen Con 2017 with the first AP

2) shortly after a Starfinder monster book will be released.

3) The Starfinder Core rulebook will not be limited to the design of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. They’ve learned lessons on better ways to present and teach RPGs since the CRB’s release.

4) Starfinder Core Rulebook will also include the setting information. Not separated from the RPG line like Pathfinder.

5) Faster Than Light Travel has only been recently released. Other solar systems are available now, meant to be a land rush.

6) The assumption is that the players are part of a crew of a Starship, space combat an important part. Every player has an important part. Very Star Trek inspired with sprinkles of Firefly.

7) Classes! Announced!
Soldier – Fighter++, Heavy weapons, ranged or melee, focus on a weapon specialist.

Operative – Specialize on a subterfuge role, spy, snipper, infiltration, etc, heavy skill focus, master of skills.

Envoy – Helps everyone else out. Han Solo & Princess Leya. Space Bard, or Spaceship Captain, etc…

Mechanic – Fixes things! Has a robot companion or AI Companion.

Mystic – Similar to the Oracle. Channels the magical energy of the universe. Not only from gods. Psycho, head exploder, the force etc…

Technomancer – combines magic and technology. Magic is thought if like programming code. Figure out the laws of the universe, bend and break them.

Solarian – Balance of the universe between Energy and Entropy. Embraces two sets of powers for each, using them effects the power of the other. Light and Heat, vs Gravity. Could make a Jedi with this class, mystical melee. Has a mote of stellar energy that can be used to form energy weapons or armor.

Jefferson Thacker

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