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PaizoCon 2016 023 – Lovecraft in Pathfinder

Welcome to the Know Direction podcast network’s PaizoCon 2016 seminar coverage!

023 – Lovecraft in Pathfinder

The Strange Aeons Adventure Path launches in August, and your PCs will never be the same after clashing with the minions of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. But Lovecraft has influenced Pathfinder much longer than this—elements from his work have been a part of the setting from the start. This seminar explores Lovecraft’s enduring legacy as it manifests in Pathfinder and on the world of Golarion!
Speaker James Jacobs, Adam Daigle, Amanda Hamon Kunz

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Note: In order to release these seminars in as timely a manner as possible, our seminar coverage is only lightly edited. There may be some NSFW language, and some audio might be harder to hear than others.

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We Con When You Can't


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    • Just tested it and it worked for me.

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        And since we’re talking, I love the whole network. Thanks for all the great podcasts! 🙂

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