PaizoCon 2015 – Preview Banquet [video]

The biggest news out of PaizoCon is announced at the Preview Banquet. This year, we found out:

Adventure Path
Hell’s Vengeance
Releasing early 2016, and set concurrent to this August’s Hell’s Rebels, players get their evil on as they team up with house Thrune to preserve the diabolical noble’s station in Cheliax.

Bestiary 5
Releasing late 2015, following the trend of an adversary book to end the year and the more recent trend of a Bestiary every other year. Includes new mythic monsters, psychic monsters to tie into August’s hardcover release, Occult Adventures, and flying monkeys!

Ultimate Intrigue
Releasing late first quarter, 2016. Sure, every character has skills, but Ultimate Intrigue is for characters with mad skills. Includes the new base class, the vigilante (playtest starting in a couple of weeks), as well as social combat rules and more.

Rusty Dragon Inn
The pre-painted plastic miniatures set from WizKids following  Dungeons Deep will focus on the most common NPCs found in the quintessential campaign locale, the tavern, right down to a tavern as the case incentive “figure”. Also, bolsters your bugbear and ghoul ranks with miniatures based on artwork from Monster Codex.

Adventure Card Game
Following this year’s Wrath of the Righteous set, next year will feature a new set based on the Mummy’s Mask adventure path, in which the players are encouraged to rob from graves like it isn’t even a thing.

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