Private Sanctuary 246 – Harrow Crunch

Harrow month is coming to a close, but a full analysis of all things Harrow would not be complete without going into the various rules that exist to help you bring a harrow-themed character to life. With the Everyman Gamer Alex Augunas.

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Check out Pathfinder Player’s Companion – The Harrow Handbook, the book that basically inspired this episode, and Harrow month.

Read up on the Harrow on the Pathfinder Wiki.

Harrow Options

o   Original Options

Gambit Style!

  1. Deadly Dealer (feat) Throw a card as a dart, throw a Harrow card as a masterwork dart. (The Harrow Handbook, Varisia, Birthplace of Legends)


  1. Card Caster (magus archetype) Gain magus abilities when using Harrow Deck as a deck of darts. (The Harrow Handbook)
  2. Cartomancer (witch archetype) Use a Harrow deck as a traditional witch uses a familiar. (The Harrow Handbook)
  3. Harrow Warden (monk archetype) Esoteric class features mostly tie into Harrow thematically. (The Harrow Handbook)
  4. Sczarni Swindler (rogue archetype) Fake fortune teller. (The Harrow Handbook)
  5. Story Summoner (summoner archetype) Reads Harrow to tell stories that summon creatures. (The Harrow Handbook)
  6. Suit Seeker (inquisitor archetype) Inquisitor of luck that leaves judgment to chance. (The Harrow Handbook)


Other Options

Harrow Chosen (race trait) Begin play with a harrow deck. +2 CL for divination spells. 2/week can augury (Varisia, Birthplace of Legends)

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  1. Darrell Vin Zant Reply to Darrell

    It’s pronounced Mer-meh-dark. Pretty sure it’s named after the Myrmidon, a group of wild warriors from Greek mythology. Kind of a portmanteu of Myrmidon and Arch-(wizard/mage/sorcerer etc).

  2. Hey all, listened to all Private Sanctuary podcasts in the last year and a half, but never got around to registering for the forums on the old site and really becoming a part of the Private Sanctuary community. I don’t have a Facebook account and didn’t know if the Private Sanctuary had an email account or not, so I posted here.

    I have a question/request for a topic to cover for a crunch episode for Private Sanctuary. I know you covered feats in an episode a while ago. I was wondering if you could do a episode dedicated to metamagic feats. I understand that it increases the effectiveness of spells (some more than others), but looking at the spell lists, I find it hard to justify using a higher spell slot for a low level spell with metamagic applied, when a higher level spell consistently appears to be more useful.

    If you could talk about the metamagic feats, which ones are more or less useful, and when it is most beneficial to apply them, that would be most appreciated.

    From a long time listener, first time commenter; Thanks,
    Dan S

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