Upshift 030: Renegade Con: 10th Anniversary Edition Reveals

Ryan and Jason go over the Essence20 products revealed at the most recent Renegade Con.


  • G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game Beginner Box: Boot Camp
    • A 32-page Playing the Game booklet
    • A 26-page first adventure (Snake Pit)
    • A 26-page second adventure (Operation Cold Iron Mission 1: Slithering About) 
    • 8 pre-generated characters
      • Steeler 
      • Firewall 
      • Bullet-Proof
      • Dusty
      • Taurus
      • Agent Helix
      • Sherlock 
      • 8?
    • A set of G.I. JOE dice
      • Might be the same, although the set blue in the image looks a little lighter.
    • A GM Screen
      • 3-panel instead of 4
  • Transformers Roleplaying Game Beginner Box: Roll Out
    • A 32-page Playing the Game booklet
    • A 28-page first adventure (Troubled Waters)
    • A 32-page second adventure (The Time Is Now Chapter 1: Roll Out)
    • 8 pre-generated characters
      • Gauge 
      • Smokescreen
      • Novastar
      • Hound
      • Anode
      • Springer
      • Aileron
      • Beachcomer 
    • A set of Transformers dice
      • Again, might be the same, might be different
    • A GM Screen
      • 3-panel instead of 4 
  • Quartermaster’s Guide to Gear Sourcebook
    • 16 new weapons from G.I. JOE’s history, a new armor type, 40 upgrades, and 18 new vehicles!
    • A new Focus for each Role in the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game, from the Drone Pilot for Infantry to the Neutralizer for Technicians!
    • 3 new Origins and 8 new Influences, from the Junker to the Futurist, for gear-centric characters.
    • Guidance for historical, retrofuture, and cyberpunk settings allows GMs to explore the past and future of technology on the battlefield.
    • Ready-to-use G.I. JOE and COBRA bases, including the COBRA Terror Dromes and the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier.
  • Intercontinental Adventures: Factions in Action Vol. 2
    • In-depth looks at the history of the Arashikage, Dreadnoks, and Oktober Guard, how these independent factions impact G.I. JOE and COBRA, and how to run campaigns partially or entirely dedicated to the Arashikage and Dreadnoks! 
    • Contact and Threat stat blocks for key members of each faction, including multiple versions of the long-awaited Storm Shadow!
    • Contact and Threat stat blocks for international characters, like G.I. JOE’s Canadian member, Back-Stop, Australian member Skymate, and Cuban member Snow Storm! 
    • New Factions, Origins, Influences, and Focus options!
    • 40 new General Perks, 17 new gear and upgrades, 11 new vehicles, and more!
  • Beneath the Helmet
    • Player and Game Master Content along with story ideas for teenagers with attitude, not merely Power Rangers
    • Dino Charge and Dino Thunder Rangers, their Zords and equipment, and adversaries
    • New player options (Aqua, Graphite, Dark Ranger role options)
    • Discover the stories between adventures with new downtime rules, detailing your home base, and creating your own team. 
    • Real world threats to face when the mask comes off 
    • Challenge legendary villains Mesogog, Sledge, and Lord Arcanon along with their henchmen and minions!

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