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Paizo recently shared their Gen Con Online 2023 seminar schedule and… it’s sparse. With just four panels, one for each of the best four days in gaming™, it’s the lightest Gen Con I can remember for Paizo content. I suspect the OGL debacle of early 2023 (I know, it feels like it happened years ago) forced many changes to Paizo’s release schedule, and we’re at the pivot point between the products too far into production to change and the products put back into development to account for the ORC.

If that’s the case, hopefully Erik Mona’s keynote gives us an idea of when we can expect previously announced products, as well as a peak at a new title or two that we can look forward to once the Pathfinder Remaster dust settles.

And, hey, fewer Paizo Gen Con seminars means more time to catch up on the PaizoCon Online 2023 seminars you might have missed.

Network Update

Expect a slow down in Network content this and next week as many of us prepare for, attend, and then recover from Gen Con. I  know I originally planned on recording an Upshift early with Jason to have something for Friday, but it’s unfortunately not in the cards after all.

Speaking of network content, here are the articles and podcasts that released last week:

Recap of July 24th to July 28th

What happened last week on and

Monday, July 24th


Intrepid Heroes 112- Let’s Do the Time Warp

Our Intrepid Heroes encounter a Skittermander who was affected by an age reducing effect, but whose pants were not.

Tuesday, July 25th


Game Design Unboxed 68: Mission Control: Critical Orbit

I love the origin story of Mission Control: Critical Orbit. When they entered a contest to design a game that could be played remotely by multiple players when only one owns the game, Corey Andalora and Donnie Coleman realized that sounds a lot like what happened on the Apolo 13 mission and used that as the theme for their game.


Eldritch Excursion – Family Guise
By Nate Wright

I may be known as a fan of wordplay, but I am in awe of how Nate can turn a phrase. He named an article about an Ancestor Eidolon “Family Guise” and opened with a parody of the Family Guy theme. Like, that’s next level.

Thursday, July 27th


Digital Divination 088 – Paizo Crossovers

I guess all of the Essence20 crossover talk on Upshift lately wasn’t enough for Jason, he brought the topic over to Digital Divination. And it’s an interesting topic, especially since, as John and Jason point out, the Starfinder CRB even includes a chapter on bringing Pathfinder content to Starfinder. Unfortunately, it’s outdated now that 2e is out. Fortunately, there’s this episode!

Friday, July 28th


Essential Builds – I’m (Building) Batman
By Ryan Costello

It finally happened! An Essence20 blog hit the network. I used existing Essence20 content to create Batman. This both took longer than I expected to write and was more fun than I imagined. Sifting through all of the system’s options to find the perfect fit not only made building Batman a better experience, I think it made me slightly better at Essence20. I look forward to further incremental improvements as the blog continues.

Preview of July 31st to August 4th

This is Block 2 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, July 31st


Now You Know – Gen Con Remaster
By Ryan Costello

Like whenever I type Pathfinder Remaster, I had to consciously remember not to type Remastered.

Tuesday, August 1st


Tavern Rats 003

The continuing adventures of the Tavern Rats, as they play through the Pathfinder 2e Quest for the Frozen Flame adventure path.

Wednesday, August 2nd


Presenting – Dusty Hill

John chats with Goblets and Gays’ Dusty Hill, a queer latine tabletop RPG producer, performer, and designer striving to tell stories that uplift BIPOC and queer voices.


Thursday, August 3rd


Legend Lore 60

Jessica and Loren talk Pathfinder 2e.


Investing In
By Rob Pontious

Rob shares what he loves about the RPGs he’s been playing lately, and why you should check them out.



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