*** Press Release *** PaizoCon Online 2023 Keynote Highlights

Friday, May 26, 2023 (Redmond, WA):  From the Pathfinder Remaster Project to Starfinder Enhanced, the team at Paizo has a plethora of new content coming down the pipeline. This year’s PaizoCon Online Keynote featured speakers across Paizo’s creative team, teasing at new products and projects.

Pathfinder Remaster

Logan Bonner, Lead Designer, revealed the final, painted covers for the Player Core and GM Core books during the presentation. These fully painted covers by Wayne Reynolds feature the Pathfinder iconic heroes alongside and doing battle against new dragons, debuting in the Monster Core. The full color covers will be available online and at retailers, while the Hobby Retailer Exclusive Sketch Covers, previously revealed on the Paizo Blog, will only be available through your FLGS.

Hardcover Rulebooks

Pathfinder has a variety of new rulebooks- some freshly released and some on their way. James Case, Senior Designer on Pathfinder, showcased some of the upcoming content.

Rage of Elements, Pathfinder’s latest rulebook, will be available in early August at Gen Con 2023, as well as online and at local retailers. This book adds wood and metal elemental planes to Golarian, taking players on a tour of the planes and introducing their elemental lords. Also included in Rage of Elements is a much-anticipated new class—the kineticist, an elemental adept martial class. Rage of Elements is the first Remaster compatible rulebook, giving a preview of the rule changes to come.

Coming in 2024 is the recently announced Howl of the Wild, a creature-filled book featuring the Naturalist and crew of the Zoetrope navigating the wilds. This book introduces 6 new wild-side ancestries, new creatures, regional variants of existing creatures, spells, archetypes, and more.

Lost Omens

Luis Loza, Creative Director of Pathfinder, gave a look inside upcoming Lost Omens: Highhelm, a book that’s part gazetteer and part exploration of dwarven culture. This Lost Omens book, releasing in June, will include new skills, feats, ancestries, backgrounds, and mechanics to immerse yourself in dwarf culture and the city of Highhelm. Players can also expect to learn more about the dwarven pantheon, particularly 8 gods not yet expanded on in Golarian.

Pathfinder Adventures

Syncing wonderfully with the release of Lost Omens: Highhelm, Pathfinder’s next Adventure Path, Sky King’s Tomb, takes player characters on a quest for a major piece of dwarven history. The Adventure Path starts in August, and the three volumes will take players from levels 1-10.

Following that, our Adventure Paths take us to Tian Xia for Season of Ghosts. This ghostly, horror-flavored four-part Adventure Path for levels 1-12 takes place over a full calendar year in game- with each installment covering the length of one season in a cursed Tian Xia town.

Standalone adventures return with Rusthenge, a hardcover book that places low level characters in the world of Runelords and their conflicts. Rusthenge will release late this year, bringing the western reaches to your table.

Partner Projects

Many of Paizo’s licensed partners are currently running crowdfunding drives or releasing new projects, such as the Dynamite Comics Kickstarter, BKOM Studios Abomination Vaults ARPG, Demiplane’s Pathfinder NEXUS, and more.

Breaking news, Steve Jackson Games has announced that Pathfinder: Revolution—the Pathfinder expansion for hit board game Revolution—will release late this year. Pathfinder: Revolution puts players in the rebellion of Korvosa—facing against Queen Ileosa to save the city from her bloody path to immortality.


Looming big and bright on Starfinder’s horizon is Starfinder Enhanced, a book full of player options, items, spells, and rules for scaling up equipment. This book rolls out enhanced versions of four classes: the envoy, solarian, technomancer, and witchwarper—bringing new rules and changes that reflect feedback from experiences of developers and community members alike.

Newly announced at PaizoCon 2023, Starfinder and mech fans alike can look forward to Mechageddon, a high-level hardcover Adventure Path coming in 2024. This adventure starts on Dimalcho—the planet of Kaiju—and takes players through levels 3-18, letting their mechs level up with them through tier 17.

Organized Play

Pathfinder Society & Starfinder Society have plenty in store for this summer’s convention season. Debuting at PaizoCon Online 2023 for Pathfinder Society, play in PFS: 4-13 & PFS: 4-14 to continue this season’s path towards conflict with the night hag. Starfinder Society starts its new season, Year of Fortune’s Fall, with SFS: 6-01 & 6-02, both live and playable at PaizoCon Online. Starfinder Society players can also participate in the group interactive special- SFS: 5-99 Battle for Bulwark.

Look forward to election day in Starfinder Society! The First Seeker has stepped down, and four new candidates have been chosen from player-submitted characters to run for their place. In SFS: 6-06, going live at GenCon 2023, society players will get to meet the candidates, and vote on who will step up as the next First Seeker.

Pathfinder #200

Closing the Keynote, Erik Mona saved a big announcement for last. Pathfinder Adventure Path #200 is coming next year, and it’s a special double-sized standalone adventure available in hardcover and softcover. Seven Dooms for Sandpoint brings Pathfinder Adventure Path #1 author James Jacobs back to that adventure’s setting—Sandpoint—for a 4-9th level adventure that adapts Pathfinder’s designer playtest campaign for the first time.

All of these announcements will be followed by a series of panels from Paizo, Friday through Sunday, expanding on their new releases and upcoming projects. Those panels can be viewed for free on twitch.tv/officialpaizo, with videos to be posted on YouTube after the con.

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