Now You Know – Are RPG Campaigns Lost Media?

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I was thinking a lot about lost media since Warner Brothers locked a completed Batgirl movie in movie purgatory for tax purposes. More recently, Chris Piers tackled lost comic media in the latest episode of Comic Tropes, with the fun twist of covering art created for the unused versions of stories that had fan votes.

For those who don’t know, lost media is any piece of fiction that can no longer be experienced. There’s a Less Than Jake line about “the oldest joke that survived another year” and it always struck me that there are jokes out there that were told, forgotten, and will never be told again.

With that in mind, are RPG campaigns lost media?

Even with published adventures or the fanciest journals filled with the most elaborate campaign notes, the real time, improvised moments experienced at a game table can never be revisited, only remembered. It may not be media in the traditional sense, of course. More like a riff session with continuity. But I’ve been as committed to my favourite campaigns as I was to my favourite TV shows. And while I can stream or track down a DVD of TNG or Downton Abbey, I can only think back on the fun times in Five Seasons or Ludacrous Stilz’ Library of Destiny.

Maybe that’s part of why actual plays caught on in such a big way. Not only do they make listeners feel like they’re sitting at a game table, sharing a favourite hobby with amusing friends, but we can revisit our favourite moments and even entire campaigns.

Network Update

Know Direction: Beyond made its triumphant return last week, but it still needs to find its scheduling footing. Originally planned to record this week, the next live episode of Know Direction: Beyond is now scheduled to record next Wednesday, May 24th.

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Know Direction 289

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