Paizo Publishes New Pathfinder 2e “You’re Welcome” Edition

For Immediate Release

After selling through eight months worth of Core Rulebooks in the first month of the year for… reasons, Paizo needed to place an order with their printer. They chose not to simply order a new run of the Pathfinder 2e CRB.

“We knew this would be the first time a lot of players who said they’d never try Pathfinder tried Pathfinder,” said Paizo Publisher Erik Mona. “We didn’t have any edits or rules updates to incorporate, but we wanted to mark the occasion.”

Literally. Paizo Graphic Designer Sonja Morris added YOU’RE WELCOME in gold, glittery letters to the cover of this print run of one of the best selling RPG Core Rulebooks on the market.

“We had a long meeting about what to put on the cover,” said Paizo Director of Brand Strategy Mark Moreland. “The ‘Told You So’ Edition. The ‘See?’ Edition. The ‘picture of Will Smith going Tada!’ Edition. We had a lot of spicy options.”

In the end, they went with a less confrontational title. “Games bring people together,” explained Mona. “You’re welcome to try Pathfinder. And there’s no need to thank us. You’re welcome.”

Oh, it’s wordplay!

Know Direction reached out to Wizards of the Coast for comment. Kyle Brink, Executive Producer of Dungeons & Dragons, said “That’s funny—and so are we.”

Ryan Costello

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