Game Design Unboxed 57: Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying

In episode 57 of Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication we talk with Chris O’Neill about both his game Mazes and the RPG system he designed for the game called Polymorph. Chris spent years creating a new system based around each player playing as a specific single die. Each character will come with a die and an amount of stars. In the system stars allow players to forgo rolling to achieve what they want to do. The system was heavily inspired by the old days of D&D where most things were possible as long as it made sense. Chris worked to create a very accessible system that could be adapted into any storyline. He also talks about how 9th Level Games licensing the system works so other creatives can choose to expand on the RPGs 9th Level Games has already published.

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Chris O’Neill – Guest

Danielle Reynolds – Host

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